[Reported] Shenanigans on a Journey event

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
In addition to that, the Miles count is incorrect:

I had a fight with lvl 230+ opponent for 35 miles. With a mythic pathfinder the maximum score would be 105 (35*3)

I haven’t lost a single troop in a battle neither gave the move to the opponent (it was a single move battle. However it took 17 turns to defeat the troops with armor and live 250++(!!!)

Based on YOUR calculations, I should have earned 105-7=98 miles, however, as the result, I’ve got only 81. How come is it possible?
How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
All the time
Steps to make it happen again
Play the battle and count the moves.


The point deductions take place before the Pathfinder troop 3x multiplier is applied, not after, so it’s consistent with the scoring. I believe this is in the documentation/article for the event, and has been explained in other threads this week about this topic, although I don’t have time right this moment to find the specific post. Unfortunately, that’s just how the scoring breaks down for this event.

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Here’s the explanation for what’s happening:

That’s fucking ripoff. Especially minding the fact that NOONE COULD DEAL WITH the high level opponent in less than 10 turns.