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[Reported] Journey Event not calculating miles correctly

The achievement uses the same language as the other “in one event” achievements.

Turn definition, as per Journey event article in game guides section, is clearly incorrect:

A “turn” is all action completed in your move and then your enemies move, before you take your move

or, maybe, the code responsible for calculating score is totally screwed up…and I can’t decide which would be worse.

This is what I got for my today’s battles (counting turns exactly as described above).
EDIT: 3x Pathfinder multiplier.

The team I used (with the intention to let enemy touch the board as little as possible) was

And, no, I’m not going to set up recording software to capture my battles, playback and count every action taken.

As for this,

Let’s wait and see. If 20K in single event turns out to be the case, I’d find the fuss justified.


i’ve for sure lost more than 10 points on a fight. it’s almost like the pathfinder troop is also multiplying the miles lost.

Yes, this is how it works. The deduction applies before the multiplier.

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But where does it say that it doesn’t?

Based on the wording it seems like it would be a single event. As it says “a” Journey event. It is singular here in the description. But other event related achievements do use the word single in the description, where as this doesn’t. So you could be correct that this doesn’t have to be done in 1 event.

But I would think that if this is cumulative across multiple Journey events then the description would say so, or at least be plural. With “across all Journey events” or “in Journey events”.

If it’s plural than it would be seen as a cumulative achievement similar to Renown. And I am fine with that, it will take a few months (to a year) based on if we are getting new kingdoms every 5 weeks.

But based on the vague description and no clarification from the Devs, this is impossible to achieve in 1 week without spending at least 3000-5000 gems or more (depending on how lucky you are with ravens).

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Hi folks,

We’ve been looking into this and found that unfortunately, extra turns have been counting as part of the total turns taken when calculating the Journey Miles.

So in one of the examples I shared with the team:

I had Hawthorn ascended to Mythic with the Pathfinder Trait unlocked for the x3 miles bonus
The battle gives 30 Miles as a base
I took 16 turns in my battle
I earnt 2 extra turns by making 4 Gem matches

So the expected result for this example is:
(30 - 6) * 3 = 72 Miles

My actual earnt Miles was 66.
(30 - 6 - 2) * 3 = 66 Miles

This wasn’t exactly what we intended, however, as it’s affecting everyone equally, we will look into this after the current Journey event has ended. This way everyone keeps the same level playing field.

Because the Journey Event article is linked to from inside the game, I have changed the description of how the event is currently working in the article so everyone can get the correct information on how this Journey Event is working.


I get that changing it now would be unfair, but what about event rewards? Due to this bug they are much harder to get. Maybe some threshold correction?


Thanks for the info.

We are not competing each other, so if some of my guildmates gets more miles “unfairly” it wouldn’t be a problem for me.

I lost 201 miles so far and probably 500 miles at the end of event.

If it’s hard to change calculation system,
just send fair enough miles to everyone (500 miles)
Lower the stage 12 points (40.000-15.000=25.000)


That’s all great. Just please lower the costs/miles needed for the rewards.

You’ve done that before with another event, quite some time ago, so I’m certain it’s possible.

And what about the achievement? I personally don’t care but that will be harder to reach as well, no?


How is this actually equal?
The difference of 40-50 battles are 2+ Tier 7’s, or 1000 gems which you sell for an advertised value of maybe $175.


They mean affecting people equally in terms of the Leaderboard. Of course, only maybe 10 people care about the (generally meagre) Leaderboard scores, the rest of us just want our guilds to be able to finish the event


and compensation for all lost points? because with that turn count it has become an impossible event to complete for almost all guilds.


It would be better and I think easier to just lower the miles required for the last couple of stages a bit - maybe drop them by a third for example


There are enough of this buggy game! Whenever there is an event, the game is bugged! There, in the travel event, we all wanted to have the 20,000 kms trophy! Well nothing at all, I will not do it, I prefer to keep gems for something else! Pff …

Otherwise, the positive point of this event are the rewards, there at least, we are well rewarded!
In the Elementalist Class, will it be the same or not, will it be the same like every Thursday?

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It seemed unfortunate to me that if they have planned rewards based on obtaining a score in a specific way and finally they have not respected that way of scoring, they just modify the description of the score in the event article, and do not try to adjust the rewards to the points that can actually be obtained in the current event. “I change the rules and good luck?” it would be bad.

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This 20k achievement is completely shameful. It should have been 10k at most


The only way to satisfy everyone is either to reimburse everyone or to create another Journey event that can be combined with this one and with the key to obtaining a trophy !

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This could be the difference between needing 2 or needing 3 power potions to attain 20 k points.

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Well, this bug explains why my miles are so low using a Sycorax/Gobtruffle loop. :confused:


This is really the Scam this event !!! Pay us back !!!

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