Miles count and the sanity

Based on the source above it is said that miles are distracted from the score each turn player makes. Even the extra turn that was given for matching 4+ stones is counted as the separate one.

How idiotic these demands could be on the higher level when either spell and/or skull damage will be only scratching the opponents team until the end? And definitely it will be much more than 10 turns


I think 6000 miles per guild member to complete the event is quite the ask as well.

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Does anyone have a good bot for the journey? I cry blood everytime I see a raven! The battles are taking forever without any decent boosts and for what, I’m not sure if our guild will even manage the tier 9 rewards, because many are not interested in the Journey anymore… I hope this is just the beta version of beta Journey…

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Hoping this is just a “lost in translation…”

Botting will get you banned.

Would hate to see my favorite Finnish Guild Janitor get banned…

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I don’t think our guild’s finished a weekly event this fast since before World Events were introduced.

Joking, because of all the cheating on the table… Maybe not the right timing… But thanks for the compliment, I’m sure there are many Finnish guild Janitors :joy:

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I have also been wondering if I introduced the idea and scoring wrong to the guild, as the learn more button was on vacation I shared links to where the Journey is introduced and talked about the scoring, but as only 5 in the guild have more than 4000 miles, something went wrong… We do usually get all the weekly event rewards.

Our guild’s average seems to be 117-119 miles per battle for players with mythic Hawthorns.
We have a couple players with legendary Hawthorns, they seem to be averaging 100-103 miles per battle.

I can imagine the event being a bit of a slog if you’re missing key troops/weapons though :grimacing: