Journey: Mileage Calculation

Question: if my troop already ascend to mythic. Shouldnt the mileage always x3? If yes, why did i get 221 for the 75 miles battle, and 81 for the 30 miles battle?

if you take longer than 10 turns or lose troops, you start lose base miles. So for the 81 points for 30 mile fight, you probably took 13 turns, losing 3 points, and 27 * 3 gives the 81. Its pretty terrible now that we can no longer loop turns. For more than half the fights some points will probably bleed out from turn counts and we will have to pay for more sigils to make up for it.

There’s also 2 mile deductions for each troop slot lost without a resummon.

However… point deductions are applied to the base mile value BEFORE pathfinder multipliers, so losing miles can hurt.

dang, this sux :frowning: