Ironhawk is in the forge

Finally got my x3 Ironhawk. I spent 1500 event keys last week and only got 1 Tina-9000.

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Why the third one? Doesn’t it sometimes fall short on damage? :thinking:

I would imagine he is late game and already has all if not near all troops since as you said a third ironhawk is only used for a couple of kingdoms and will fall short during gnoma at times…

Can be used in a couple of kingdoms I think.

Outside or during GaP? I couldn’t get 20 damage to work reliably, some fights need 25 damage. Maybe I should look around some more. :thinking:

I am nowhere near late game. Just saved up on diamonds for IK

outside of GAP in some kingdoms

everyone plays the game the way they want…so I am not saying you made a mistake. I just want to make sure anyone reading this thread does not think a third ironhawk is a good idea for early or mid level players

DO NOT craft a third ironhawk if you are early in the game. There is nearly no increase in speed, and in fact can backfire outside two kingdoms, and can’t be used in gnoma. Using 4000 diamonds on a third ironhawk when you are still missing so many meta troops would be a mistake…

It is highly unlikely you are going to use a three ironhawk team outside the fun of it since you can’t level up classes and like I said the speed in those two kingdoms is not worth it.


Thanks for the heads up. Mind sharing what meta troops should be prioritized?

Here is a list of mythics that I would craft before a third ironhawk (I would craft a second ironhawak asap) not saying these are all meta, just they have a value

Arachnaean weaver
Gaard’s Avatar
Eurayali and Scorpius (only if you already have one or the other)
Flaming Oni (on the fence with this one but it is getting used more and more)
High King Irongut
Mother of Darkness
Phoenicia or the Scourge of Honor (phoe is still a little better for me)
The Gray King
The lord of Slaughter
The possessed King (though this is falling off a bit)
The wild Queen
Tina 9000

after that list, which for me should take priority the next list is more troops you should craft before a third Ironhawk, but after the above list
Archproxy Yvendra
Kalika (on the fence here)
Ketras the Bull
Shabanu Vespera
The Archdeva
The worldbreaker

and outside that I would probably still craft any other mythic before a third ironhawk…


Lol at the Tauraeus. I am missing 3 from your top list and I mostly don’t feel the need to use them. But eventually I will collect all of those.

Ps. Kalika is holding me up from upgrading Nexus power levels so I am hoping she will be in the forge soon.

Outside of GAP, there are 4 kingdoms (barring weekly bonus) that can be reliably farmed at E1 w/ triple Ironhawk/ Dust Devil: Sin of Maraj, Pridelands, Urskaya, and Dhrak-Zum.
This is not counting the boss chest mythic fight, but at that point most will switch to their highest level team and farm tokens/medals instead.

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I would promote piscea to the top list because for some reason i continue to be surprised and delighted by his dbl munch. Never gets old and his “will he or won’t he” aspect is great fun. Team up with HKI for added laughs (nice boost to HKI munch chance) and enjoy.

Interesting list; mine would be much shorter and wouldnt involve crafting a 2nd ironhawk because I dont bother much with low lvl explore. I crafted 1st one today but see him as a 1 trick pony that will collect dust most of the time. I don’t have the time or desire for rapid fire low level explore.

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I just got my x2 after a long wait, me happy! :blush:


It’s very fast to do e1 explores for either farming for gnomes or traitstones or finishing campaign tasks. I don’t regret having 3 copies.

Absolutely sure you are correct. Its just that i never do low level explore (5 is my absolute minimum for fast class boost and 2 trophies) because i can get more gold and tokens per hour doing level 12; which is my preferred option. Phoenicia can do level 5 in seconds even if it might take 1 or 2 extra moves. So the way i see it is that ironhawk multiples are only of value to players who really grind level 1 explore. Beyond that he is lame (as I said a 1 trick pony). Certainly not an all rounder in any way. He wouldnt be on my crafting hit list at all tbh other than if i didn’t have a copy. Vault events for me are weekends off except for dailies. The vault rewards i dont really need or care about. Plenty of time to get the odd tarot card here and there when you consider how long it will take to advance kingdom power (i dont buy campaign pass) without writ and imp deed availability. I just don’t see the point of going berserk every vault event for rewards that can’t boost what needs boosting. Even if i was low level, ironhawk would be low on my mythic hit list for sure.

You are correct that IK serves a specific purpose for new players like me. I invest time in vault events to get resources which are otherwise hard to get such as diamonds and gems. I haven’t even collected all mytics yet so writs and deeds are a problem far away.

Another use for Ironhawks are for GaP… Using two Ironhawks teams gets you 50% more keys compared to fast Rowanne team. A good way to earn diamonds, gems, etc…


because you want to level up classes when you are low to mid level…to me this is the main reason to have double ironhawk…and it is the reason it is a top 5 troop…if not THE troop. The extra vault keys add up quick.

I salute you all for having the desire and stamina to grind vault events for which ironhawk is an asset. I ain’t that sort of player at all. As i said vault rewards are of value until you dont need them and many players who dont need them still grind vault lol. Baffling. All i am saying is that IMO a mythic needs a lot more appeal than a 1 trick pony to merit top 5. Guild wars? nope; faction? nope. Dungeon? nope. Anything other than explore 1? nope. Completely niche like pharos ra in the days of dawn bringer. Top 5? Sorry no way.