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Need a text field in spending keys in Chests menu

Just pulled the new mythic at a ridiculous cost…

What I feel lost during this venture is my precious time in clicking buttons. Used up all keys and drained into glory. Deeply.

This Ironhawk better be good.

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I think Salty mentioned somewhere that they need to keep the number below a certain amount to avoid crashing the server with a big request.


Or you COULD just incorporate a “spend 1000 gem keys for a guaranteed mythic” approach. No other troops, just a mythic.


I remember that, yeah. Am still numb from such a disastrous spend for a troop.

Read elsewhere - teams
Dust Angel, 3x Ironhawk. Explore 1, Pridelands
2x Ironhawk, Sister Superior, Tai Pan (any other empowered really)

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I am using

Dust Devil

In gnome weekends.

You need 1 more Ironhawk, PJ.

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Got it within a 100K more glory.

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In Blackhawk, 3 Ironhawk+ devil is the fast hero xp! I’ll try in vault event.