Getting Irritated about Ironhawk

Really, guys. It is currently the Adana event.

132 Event Keys
Everything I had in Gems for Event Keys
over 1M in Gold for Guild Tasks for 25+ more Event Keys
$57 for Gems and Offers for additional Event Chests
2 Gnome-a-paloozas for more Honor, Event Keys, Gold, and Gems for Event Chests
(+ whatever I spent throughout the week in Event Keys, Honor, Gold and Gems)

… still no Ironhawk and I’ve run out of time for the event. Going to be too busy for the rest of the weekend and will lose my opportunity to get it for a long while.

It’s not like I’m asking for free stuff… I paid into it. Can I get a LITTLE love?

I don’t want to be mean but you can figure out your odds to get a troop…and the couple of hundred event keys is not even close to enough…once you get to about 500 keys you start getting into the 50/50 range and there are two mythics in that kingdom

Also not sure what you spent 57 dollars on but that was a huge waste of money…If your going to spend money really just stick with the campaign pass…


I spent 5000+ event keys and didn’t get 1 copy of tina or ironhawk this week.

Perhaps I’m spreading rumors, but I read that the new Taurus mythic would be the only one you can get this week, like what happened with the Weavergate.

Got no confirmation though.

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That is not tru…event keys are acting as normal


1,400 event keys for me this week. No tina and not even a sniff of ironhawk. (I already have both troops) Even did the old 675 gems for 50 event keys twice.

132 event keys are nothing when trying to get a mythic in this game, the key is opening chests in bulk. Ignore when tacet opens 50 at a time instead of 200, its a waste of time.

So I did two more gnome-a-paloosas and still, nothing from those resources poured into event chests and glory chests. (On a side note, a Baz Bonebeater appeared during one of them. I thought they stopped that?) I’m certain I’ve hit the 500 mark and got 3 of the Tauren mythic, but no freakin Ironhawk.

You guys are right. For a digital product with no collectible trade value, it’s just not worth putting any money into it. Thanks for the advice everyone! Lesson learned!

Here’s the drop rates for the different chests

Unfortunately at the amount of keys you’ve put in, you would still be classed as ‘very lucky’ if you got either Tina or Ironhawk at 0.11% without spending thousands of keys. Getting the extra 10 or 20 event keys from different methods is probably just going to frustrate you even more, I’d just keep saving up your diamonds to craft it when it arrives in the soulforge and save your event keys for getting new legendary troops when they are released.


Thank you so much for posting actual data rather than “RNG must be broken devs must have decreased the rates cause they HATE EVERYTHING!” This is so refreshing :joy:


Totally agree with @Hawx and @NerdieBirdie. This is an RNG game and you have to take the rough with the smooth. The new mythic cost me 50 gem keys but for the life of me I can’t get heart of rage from vault battles to craft E Kurandara or Baz the verse gnome in battles. Frustration is understandable until you accept that RNG in gems doesn’t actually stack because there is no memory of how many attempts made which will trigger corrective weighting to improve the odds in future. Once you accept that, frustration diminishes, well it did for me.


I got extremely lucky this week, with only 200 event keys I got one ironhawk and one tina9000. :slight_smile:

Yep, Baz hates dropping for me as well. The other 3 verse gnomes I have 30+ of each one while Baz is on 0.
Cursed gnomes drop for me more then Baz :pensive:

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If it helps, here’s a visual representation of mythic droprates.

Y: %-probability of having found at least one mythic.
X: Number of chests opened.

Purple: VIP chests
Blue: Event chests
Red: Gem chests
Green: Glory chests

(Hope I didn’t mess it up, kinda sleepy.)


Thank you, everyone, for responding and being mostly respectful.

Now that Ironhawk is in the Soulforge, I am disheartened that it is physically impossible to earn the diamonds in time to purchase it.

I have decided to quit playing this game as much and focus my efforts on games that bring me more joy. After some reflection, I am now of the opinion that collectible games are only worth money if the collectible has lasting value. I cannot see that in digital content that cannot be traded or sold. (Cryptocurrency seems to be changing this, but I know little of that).

That being said, I could play without pay, but then I become a hypocrite concerning my belief that you support the games you enjoy. And if you don’t enjoy them, why play? And I believe I have lost the joy in this game. I’ll still be on once in a while, but, in the end, it’s just a game.

I’m under no delusion that anybody cares whether or not I play. But I do feel I owe an explanation and answer to those who have taken the time to help me. Thank you all.

Feel free to continue talking stats on this thread. It is all extremely interesting!


I’m sad that you quit the game, really it’s only 1 bad pull and it happens to everyone. Literally everyone. Oh well.

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Fair play to you. I took a 4 month sabbatical from gems and enjoyed some cracking games during my absence, which I still play. Exchange your campaign pass outlay for game pass and have a riot. Good luck to you.

You really have to save up n skip other tempting troops to target down the good ones. Cant wait until the week of. Should have a couple thousand event keys and like 6-8k diamonds saved for weeks like this.

Takes skipping those tpk and doomed books one week to get those tgk and ironhawks the next. Figuratively speaking