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[Investigating] No Defense score added to GW

It doesn’t have any high priority for Infinity Plus Two. The initial reaction to the bug report took several days, meaning it’s not considered important. The next Guild Wars is weeks away, there’s no direct monetization involved, meaning there’s no need to hurry. Here is how this is going to play out:

  • The missing defense bonus won’t get awarded retroactively. They’d have to code something that figures out which players were short on points on which day and trigger a cascade of updates (individual score, daily guild score, weekly guild score, bracket adjustment). Not going to happen.
  • The brackets won’t be frozen, Guild Wars will continue where it left off. The new placements have already been locked in, the previous ones aren’t around any longer in any readily accessible format. Even if they could be recovered, just copying them over would cause weird side effects (e.g. players having switched guilds) that would have to be addressed. Not going to happen.
  • There won’t be any individual compensation, like refunding sentinel costs. If they had any plans to do that they would have done it right away. Individual spending information will soon get overwritten in preparation of the next Guild Wars, which they are very much aware of. The excuse that individual compensation is unfortunately no longer possible has been used several times in the past, e.g. back when they forgot to put Yasmine’s Chosen into event chests and stonewalled the issue for a week.
  • There will at best be a small generic compensation, like 50 gems for everyone. The explanation given will be that the bug had a chance to hit anyone, so this didn’t really change results. Players will point out that Guild Wars is a game of skill, that the bug changed the game of skill into a game of luck, which very much changed results. There won’t be any further response, the thread will get ignored from then on.
  • It’s somewhat likely that the bug will still be around next Guild Wars, because they are still “investigating”, like other scoring related Guild Wars issues reported years ago.

“Can I interest you in a ‘Correctly-calculate-your-Guild-Wars-scores’-pass for nine ninety-nine?”


Had caught myself on the same thought a few hours ago.


Plan D = remain silent and hope people forget about it


Man, thats depressing. Not that i disagree with any of the points, but still. Nothing much one can do.

There is a proverb that says: A pessimist wont get disappointed. And i think it fits here perfectly.


I’m disappointed by the fact that you may be right on point. But it belong to us to keep this post active and still requesting and answer.
I don’t really mind if our bracket is frozen or not, the actual leaderboard seems to be the right one. But still, feedback on this is a necessity. Many high end players are angry. I know GW doesn’t bring any money in, but it is a beloved mode for many of us. And we bring money in by other means.
It would be a big mistake to ignore us


any update on how this issue happen and what you can do to prevent it happening on future wars?

with the way GoW has been lately, i’m quite concerned that i may be losing the part of GoW i loved so much (Guild War)

I like the new Journey event and the introduction of elementalist and centuragon btw, finally something that can shake my team lineup

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This is the best guess I’ve seen so far @Kafka

Adding screenshots for this (not mine), these are both from Wednesday of the week of GW:

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Hello everyone!
During the guild war, 2000 points were deducted from me too. It happened on Thursday. It was on this day that I collected 10 kingdom passes and the pass counter was 0/5. On the other days, I only collected 3 or 4 passes out of a possible 10 and there was no deduction of 2000 points. Is it connected somehow? I apologize for possible errors in the text, I used google translate

Our loss of points from -2000 was -50000

I appeal to the Administration/Developers.
You’re a bunch of useless, irresponsible, good-for-nothing slackers, what comes out of your crooked hands lately can’t be evaluated.
You really think introducing power stones randomly and with high odds is fun? And playing without 2k points for defense? People play your game mostly because of guild wars where a person sits and thinks through their every move, and you’ve made an arcade out of this mode.
The speed at which you fix gaming bugs is baffling, all you do is add them to the list of known issues and that’s it, and even when you do try to fix something you immediately create a new bug with your bad actions.
In the end I wish you a lifetime of hard-earned money and never go near networked machines.
Especially I wish it for a man who decided to release updates during the week of the guild war.


They making updates every time on GW. But what we can do?

This is now verging on disgusting @Kafka @Nimhain @Sirrian. The fact that you have not answered the communities questions on such an important issue is just plain rude. Shame on the lot of you.


I suppose, when the project has such an income that could to be count in millions, the most important, necessary and with-good-salary part of it should be the excellent high-qualified programmer(s), and he/she/they must be in touch with the game 7 days in a week. Like servers. Game couldn’t move on if servers arent working, and it also couldnt move properly if programmist is absent, or/and always making bugs, or/and can’t solve em very fast. Even designers, managers (progect, cleaning, etc.) are secondary to em.

Whats the point from F1 sport car, a pro-driver in it, his manager, all ads stuff, when theres no mechanic who could make this car moving, without blue smoke and parts falling off through all the road?


My guild the 160th Night Stalkers got hit hard by the bug in Guild Wars and I lost one of my family members do to this bug and won’t come back until it’s fixed. We all had 0/0 each day. I also got hit by another bug as well with troops disappearing then left the game came back in and it was there. Our guild had a lot of problems with different bugs

Sounds like we all had this issue lol…winning 5/0 with full defense teams bonus it’s not possible to score 7300 points…it should be between 8700-10200. I wonder if everyone had this issue cause it didn’t change my finish spot in war but almost did.

Our guild actually made a record score in the last GW with the bug present, so as unlikely it does seem at the moment, but if they correct the scores there seems to be no chance for me to find them anywhere as we are not in the top 50 brackets that Taransworld shows? I just archive our progress, so…

Any news on this ?

Also visiting this thread several times a week, hoping for updates. Are there any? :roll_eyes:

@Kafka Obviously, Plan A didn´t work out. I don´t know, if Plan B is even still an option, I would guess it isn´t. What about Plan C? And I really hope you don´t consider Plan D foreseen by @Maisie a valid option.

And even if you are planning to just ignore the “incident” of last guild wars, it is only 2 weeks until the next one. Do you have an idea, what caused the bugged defense scoring? Will it be fixed for the next war at least?