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Guildwars scoring bug

The last 2 GW days I have played, the first battle score was bugged.

I know you get +2000 for first battle, but the last two times I got a score of around 2400.

I won with no troop loss.

All other battles were the normal score.

Im on PC, anyone else had the same?

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Are you certain you got the full 2000-point bonus for your defense team? Is it possible your defense team contains repeated troops, which lower the bonus awarded?

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The bug was only with the first battle. All other battles had the normal score.

~2400 is not achievable without bugs?

Yes, I believe two days ago on brown day. I somehow got a 5400 score and 4-1… which makes absolutely Zero sense.

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Thought something was bugged my self, saved my self from sending a ticket, because they can’t replenish any points.

It’s actually very achievable without bugs. Your get 500 bonus points to the first fight for each defense troop you haven’t used before throughout the week. Sounds like you had at least one duplicate on Sunday.

We have had it happen on console when we pass through the defence tab before the attack tab.
It’s rare but that was all any of us could put it down to. I’d suggest going straight to attack then checking defence once your battles are done :+1:t2:

Yes, what casper says. Cycle through the tabs and watch your points go down! They can go up too so cycle through until you see the 12,000 point bonus, then start gw or you’ll lose points.
Still bugged