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Improve the battle rewards of the Events

It was already discussed but with the new Pet Event, it became even more obvious.

The rewards given after finishing a battle of one of the Events (RB/Invasion/Pet) are ridiculous:

  • no trophies,
  • few golds/souls,
  • almost no exp,
  • no glory.

These 3 Events scale in difficulty, but not the rewards. It should because the time spend doing the battle is not rewarded as it should.


Exp is same across game modes. But stingy with gold, trophies, and glory.

I was literally just talking to a friend of mine who has stopped playing because of this (and other reasons).

No reason we can’t have the normal levels of gold and souls and exp. Trophies and Glory would be nice too.

What I want to know is how the heck a team of Goblins gets all the way up to level 80 but has only found the same pocket change that a team of level 10 Goblins has found.