Pet Event Rewards (100+ Events) update:400+ Averages added

I was wondering if it is worth to do “already lvl20 pet” events.
Only interesting stuff in rewards are Jewels for me.
I gather this data and want to share it if anyone wonders :slight_smile:

Pet: 2,0
Jewels: 47,3
Color Food: 4,5
White Food: 2,3


If I’m already at my console, I’ll jump on to do pe(s)t rescues even if I’ve already ascended the pet to mythic/L20. It’s simply too good and too reliable a source of pe(s)t food, something I generally need in much greater quantities than I can get from other sources.

I’d much rather take five minutes and nuke eight battles and then trade the extra pe(s)t copies than spend the time and resources in the Soulforge.

There’s an added bonus for people who don’t have all their classes to 100 as you get 2 Class XP per battle instead of only 1, so it speeds things up a little if you don’t have the time to grind out hundreds of low-level Explores.


New numbers (424 pet events):

PET Jewels Color Food White Food
Averages 1,91 46,2 4,4 2,7
TOTAL 809 19448 1871 1137

Total pet events: 539

PET JEWEL Color Food White Food
TOTAL 1.024 24.487 2.379 1.467
Averages 1,90 45,7 4,4 2,7