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Pet event! Only 1 pet?

Hello, how is it possible it’s pet event and you can get only 1 pet, can you find some pet gnomes during this event? Yesterday there was no event and you where getting every hour a pet rescue with your guild, don’t understand why doing a event then for pets.

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this is their answer to the people that can’t get on for the 1 hour events


You can find pet gnomes, but they will not trigger a new event, they will just give pet resources.

I got 2 white food from one just a bit ago.


Than they have to play more, What are they doing during a bounty or gnome event event, don’t understand the developers

Lol why playing if you just get only food, i rater wait till tomorrow and get allot more because it trigger for the whole guild

Look i dont complain on the vault events that are always on weekends. I have work always on the weekends. Why punish people that play more?

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If there is a event like gnome or bounty you can farm vault keys or bounty troops, and not only 1 pet its to less to play i think consider the other events

The pet event runs every week, not once per month. That means you can guarantee 1 new pet per week. On top of that, you can farm pets all day every day and since they can be triggered by guildies (which gnomes & bounty are purely individual) the appearance of them is even more likely.

I got 7 different pets yesterday and wasn’t even trying with a little guild coordination. And I missed a few & lost 1 full pet rescue set of rewards due to a bug.

The weekly event is intended as a “catch up” for those in less active guilds or odd time zones, not as a means to farm pets. Pets are meant to take a while to acquire & level.


Uhm oookey

7 out of 36. And I don’t have a single 1 leveled above 5, maybe 2 of them at 5. I expect to get most of the 36 within the next week but there will always be elusive ones. AND getting enough of each to level them to 20 without spending gems? Not happening for me this month. Needing 30 of each one to get their cap to 20 and then all the food required to actually level them is going to take time, especially with new pets coming quickly to water down the drop pool.


Level yes, aquire them evidently not if we go by a rate of 7-12 a day for hyperactive guilds.

1 hour pet events are stupid, people that work for a living and work normal hours cannot participate. SMH at the dev that approved that idea. I have worked customer service my whole life and wouldn’t even think about treating a paying customer this way. Shame shame on them!!

What do you suggess?

I don’t know. I run a business for a living and work all kinds of hours and I seem to be doing just fine at gathering pets thanks to my guildies notifying everyone when a pet rescue occurs. I’ve missed dozens of them while sleeping or at work and dozens more i’ve caught only up to the 1st 3-4 battles before they expire. I’m at 33 of 36 at this point and we’re not a top PvP grinding guild.

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With a full, active guild to trigger events, I’m getting plenty of pets, and I don’t play that often. I’m still missing lots of pets, sure - but this is a brand new system and there’s no reason that I should have every pet right off the bat.

So basically, I’m saying:

  • Step 1: Make sure you’re in a full, active guild. If you’re not, then in the immortal words of Adam Savage, “well THERE’S yer problem!”

  • Step 2: Play for a few months.

Problem solved! You now have lots of pets.


They should give you a full hour from the time you log in for the first time that day after the event launches so everyone gets fair treatment, having special 1 hour events here and there DOES NOT treat everyone fairly. I would never dream of doing that to a customer in my business, so why is it acceptable in a game? Oh sorry sir you missed that 25% sale by 9 minutes, sorry about your luck?? Really?? Why shouldn’t be like anything else where it is valid for that business day? And don’t even get me started on the limited codes they send out on twitch and other social media.

I didn’t say I was expecting everything that releases for free, but how do you think having 1 hour events in the middle of the day when PAYING customers are working their jobs to earn the money they spend on this game don’t get that chance is fair? I’m just asking for a fair chance to grind the battles out. (It’s only 8 battles anyway) I never once said I should get every single pet and item right off the bat duh! How stupid is that?

Pets don’t only spawn for 1 pre-determined hour in the middle of the day and then vanish until tomorrow. They spawn any time you have enough of your guild playing, and then stay up for an hour.

If there aren’t enough people in your guild playing, or there aren’t enough people in your guild period, then there’s your problem. You need to find a larger and/or more active guild.

If 29/30 people in your guild are spending all their playtime while you’re at work, then you’re all alone the entire rest of the day, then there’s your problem. You need to find a guild that has at least some activity during your typical play times.

If you’re trying to get pet spawns all on your own, then there’s your problem. Pets are a collective group effort, and you’re not intended to do it by yourself.

So, once again, I repeat: Be in a full, active guild, and play for a few months. I 100% guarantee you will get lots of pets.


You are completely missing the point. I understand how it works, but it is a flat broken mechanic. The guild is not the problem the mechanic of how it works is. This game happens to be played all over the world.

When I wake up in the morning or come home from work, I have often missed 3-4 pet events. Would you stack those events, or only have the last one available? What if I don’t play for 18 hours, or 3 days?

I disagree. The mechanic is designed to keep players attached to the game, logging in many times a day and grinding PVP or Arena in the hopes of triggering a pet event if one isn’t active at the time. It is working brilliantly.