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Pet Thief Didn’t Start Pet Event


  • 15 min before reset of an all day pet event
  • PVP vs HONUSDAN’s firebomb team
  • Battle Log shows 4x firebomb, and thief gave me 2 pet food

Glitch, or just what you get before reset of pet day?

If you defeat Pet Gnome less than 1 hour before a scheduled pet event (all-day rescue) is bound to start, you will only get pet food.

It’s all logical, once you think about it - pet rescue is a 60 minute event and there are just 37 or whatnot minutes remaining, so no time slot to fit the rescue in…but, heck, it would be nice to read this in FAQ. When I was in this situation I read all their articles about pet rescues to no avail - this important detail is not mentioned anywhere! Luckily, a guildmate pointed out what was really going on before I had actually submitted a bug report (which I was about to do).


Sadness. They should take pet gnomes out of time periods they don’t matter and give other gnomes. I swear I only get them when they don’t matter, i.e. this one, or during pet day, or during a 1 hr pet event.

That wouldn’t help. The time when you finish the battle counts, so a gnome encountered half a day earlier still wouldn’t trigger a pet rescue if your battle takes long enough. The player friendly solution would be to allow event pet rescues to run in parallel with pet gnome triggered pet rescues. Unfortunately, the devs seem to have zero interest in going for this approach, it’s been requested for years.


Plus, you get a whole 2 white pet food instead of the normal 1, so I think that’s reward/compensation enough, don’t you think?

This is mostly sarcastic. I guess I don’t really have a good solution up my sleeve. Maybe the devs could send everyone a Pet Gnome Bait every Wednesday instead, so they can trigger a Pet Rescue at their leisure? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (If you never ask… :stuck_out_tongue:) Then players can get a taste for it, and the devs could sell them in bulk :stuck_out_tongue::man_shrugging:.

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Well I forgot about the new pet bait. Why not pet bait in any situation a gnome can’t start a pet event? Code’s already written, just need to change award.

Any Dev listening? Can you slide a pet bait my way, and update for all?

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