Pet event remains open for hours

Our guild is on its 8-9 pet rescue, however this one has remained open for several hours past the one hour limit. PC/Mobile

I think this is intended. @Saltypatra

Every week will have a day with a Pet Event where only one Pet will be available throughout the 24 hours. It is intended. There will still be Pet Gnomes to find those days, but they will only give + 2 white pet food(according to some) and never activate any new pet rescue missions.


Crap, I missed the tell in events. My bad, thanks guys

All Good, Goodwill! I wish the Pet Events that is once a week offered the double amount of Pets/Basket for the same price in the shop than the regular pet rescue missions. That way it gives a nice discount as well as a better opportunity to get several copies of the given pet that is in the given event.