All-day pet events need a revamp

As it is now, the all-day pet events are actually disappointing for a lot of people because you can’t spawn any others via PVP or Arena during that entire 24 hour period. Can you please look at an adjustment where you can get more than one pet in that 24 hour period?

Something in the ballpark of 3-5 would be enough to make it so that it’s not actively disappointing when we get to an all-day pet event. Of course I’d love even more, but I’d settle for something that at least doesn’t make it feel like a huge bummer.


The all-day pest events cater to those people who don’t spend a lot of time playing Gems and/or who are in small guilds (or no guild at all) and therefore doesn’t have a group of people actively popping rescues with regularity. A group of people who I suspect comprise the majority of the game’s players.

It sucks for the bunch of us who are more active players and who probably comprise the majority of the players posting in this space. But the alternative would likely be that those casual players rarely (or never) see pest rescues.

It’s once per week. Twice on those rare occasions where we get blessed with a Redux Cosmetic Pest Rescue on a Saturday. I don’t believe that it’s such a terrible thing; my opinion is that this is a relatively small price to pay.


Best modification obviously would be to have the 24h pet rescue EVENT on Wednesday (and sometimes Saturday) and the possibility to find and activate any other pet rescue too. The question is, why isn’t it possible? I mean, you have a faction EVENT on Tuesday but still you can access and play the underworld as you see fit.
So, if the devs would want this to be a possibility for pets too, then it would be a possibility since a long time, because there’s complaints about that since years.

Anyway, feels like a minor complaint for a blocked Saturday only every once in a while. Instead be thankful they make cosmetic pet re-runs every once in a while.
I don’t have to care that much about the old cosmetic pets anymore but I’m sure many other players will. I got all pets max’d and I’m only missing Hunaglong’s Foal because of the clown-$$$-prices…


Saturday events are back?

I want all day pets to get their own exclusive slot, so normal pets can still be generated. Please?

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I understand its purpose. I didn’t ask for them to remove that event. I’m just saying it would be nice to have the ability to get more than one pet that day, like Icy said, to have it be an event. That would give more benefit to those less active players you were talking about, as well.