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Daily Pet Event

With the daily pet event running at the moment, are we still able to get Pet Gnomes from PvP ro do we have to wait until this event expires?

Pet gnomes will still appear, but they’ll only give white pet food. So no chance of getting any other pets today.


Thank you VenusBlue :blush:

Ah, so on every pet events the Pet Gnome will give 2 white food, always?
@Whiskeyjack, interesting.


Can anyone else confirm that yesterday you got 1 X white pet food but today you are getting 2 X white pet food?

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I got 2x white pet food yesterday when a pet rescue was already active. I don’t think there’s any sort of bonus from pet gnomes for the day-long pet rescues.

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A couple of hours before the weekly pet event started I killed a pet gnome but my guild already had a pet event running and I got 2x white pet food. I think it’s 1x white pet food and a pet event or 2x food if you don’t trigger an event.


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I got 2x white pet food from a pvp match that didn’t have a PetGnome appear :slight_smile:

Go figure…