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Pet Rescue Information

I thought it’d be a good idea to start this, and hopefully it grows. I am posting this from my PC, and for some reason my Paint doesn’t want to save some files. So I’ve uploaded all I can after triggering my first Pet Event. If your guild has managed to trigger one, feel free to add pet stats here so that everybody can see what all of the different pets can do. In my opinion, it is best to save gems/food for the ones that give mastery bonuses.


Pet%20Info One basket up until Reward Level 6, at which point we get

Now for the gem sink:



I’ll add mine here as well :slight_smile: The rest of the shop is pretty much the same as posted above.


And this was the 8th battle:


All of the 8 battles were all goblins, with increasing difficulty.

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@awryan has informed me that all of the information for pets can be found under the pet tab from the troops menu in the game, just sort by unowned.

Gonna leave this thread up I suppose as it harms nobody but LOL what an oversight by me. Just trying to be helpful. :smiley:

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It doesn’t show the boost for future levels though, so at least the “Pet Info” tab is useful to see :slight_smile:

True, true. The battles for each one as well, which my initial post is missing because I thought of it after the fact. Oy. What a botched “help” thread. :smiley:

A guild member was in the final battle, and upon winning got the pop up that said “event has ended”… so 1 hour really is 1 hour, no matter if you are in the battle or not.