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Max pet reward for 1 rescue?

I catched 5 pets several times and 6 pets happened once in one rescue

Anyone catched 7 or 8? That would be very lucky.

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Most I ever got was 4. Lucky you.

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I’ve been keeping track since pets were released and my biggest haul was 4 with my average being 1.9 pets per rescue.

Most pets: 4 average 1.9
Most colored food: 8 average 4.6
Most white food: 7 average 2.5
Most jewels: 129 average 44.1

From 72 pet events. Not a large enough sample size to be precise but should be large enough to be close to correct averages.


I’ve got 5 a few times, but no 6s.

Did get a few times where I got 7 of a colored pet food, and sometimes I’d get 8+ pet food total somehow.

It’s scaled… Was getting 4-6 the first 5 days (excluding the 24 hour rescue). Then for 2 days 2-4. Yesterday the most I’d get is 2… Usually 1.
I wouldn’t be surprised if the more you ascend the pets the less copies you are gifted from one hour rescues.

My collected data doesn’t show that at all. About the same amounts on average every days since release.


Have you seen ascending them all? I have 32 total. So at least 26 ascended to “epic”.

Mine are all either epic or ur. Mostly ur.

One basket can give 2 white pet food, rarely.
Pet drop rate from baskets seems around 10%

Just got 6 pets again, that just suck cause my mimic is already mythic :slight_smile:


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