Pet Rescue - no rewards for won battles


I just had the following happen to me TWICE:

I came online, got the notice that a pet rescue is running.
I get excited, close the annotation without looking at the remaining time.
I fight my way up to battle 8 or 9, want to start the next battle and it tells me the event is over.
Allright, time to collect my rewards.
You cant get your rewards anymore. “The Event has ended”. They dont get sent in the mail either.

Seriously? The whole time-gated thing is allready bad enough for people in an international guild. Now I don’t even get the rewards for the fights I already won? Plus, why is there no timer anywhere on the event screen?

I’m really f’n pissed right now.


I understand that they do indeed get sent in the mail, just not immediately.

As I mentioned this happened to me twice today. The first time was about 6 hours ago, still got no mail. I was on mobile at that time, so I just shrugged it off as bad connection / buggy mobile crap. But by now that stuff should be in my mail, no?

As I understand it, yes it should. I believe I’ve seen reports of delays around half an hour. Hopefully someone else can confirm

It has been my experience to receive the rewards in the mail EXCEPT for the last fight that you were in when time ran out. I won the last fight earlier, but did not receive the pet because time had ran out during the fight. I did receive the rest of the rewards in the mail.

I won the last fight. I should get the reward for it.

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I’ve had this happen to me last Tuesday and Thursday with no emails (on X1). I opened a ticket and got no response the first time. Didn’t bother with the second.

My wife and I both did this last night. My rewards came in the mail immediately, but hers didn’t. I’ll check with her and see if they came during the night.

If you file a thread under “Gameplay Chat”, it generally doesn’t get addressed as a bug report because there is a “bug report” category.

If you file a thread under “Bug Report”, it generally gets ignored. Right now it’s because the devs are wading through hundreds of players who reinstalled GoW without linking their account first. Normally it’s 50/50 “this should go on zendesk”.

If you file it on zendesk as “missing rewards”, you’ll probably get a response at some point. I’ve had a lot of success at getting compensation when I file these tickets.

With only my own experiences there was no way for me to see this as a technical bug. I believed this to be a design flaw - wich imho belongs into gameplay.

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Same happened to me few mins ago got to match 6 and no rewards. Lets see if they get sent to email later. Yesterday i ran out of time and got rewards instantly on my email. So there.

Collect them as you go along if timer low I do


Agreed- this just happened to me as well (for the 2nd time). “Error- the event has ended.”
They need to fix the timer, so you can finish your battle and get the reward.