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If it's on Steam page, is it a spoiler?

That would make sense for flavor and lore reasons. But I don’t think that the four mana she would give herself at the start of a battle would make her too terribly overpowered, and the ability to have the extra attack and two armor from the upgrade from the 3x knight bonus to the 4x knight bonus would be incredibly useful and improve her synergy. Just points out for discussion and things that devs are probably already considering.

I really like that she gives barrier to all Sword’s Edge allies though. More reason to use the more “Knight-y” knights and keep her out of Khorvash teams. I’m glad they decided to specify Sword’s Edge troops instead of all knights. Very solid choice on their part. ^w^

And sorry if I come off a bit pushy or odd or am acting a bit out of line, but mechanics and balance between things and the interactions between all the moving parts of games is something that I really, really enjoy. And there are a lot of things on her that can be tweaked if need be. Not that they need to be, but there are just so many fine little details and I love things like this. Things like this are incredibly exciting to me.

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Her 3rd trait is named Warrior Queen so she can be a Queen and a Knight at the same time ;-).

+25% is not enough. Moreover, this kind of trait is useful only once (like Fast, Empowered) so not awesome… Why not 50% like Mechanist class?

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Because Emperor Khorvash exists, and only needing one surge on a +1 blue or brown mana to fill Khorvash at the start of the game would be ridiculous. Or so I assume.

I highly doubt she’s “finished,” but I agree with you – her Legendary trait as is seems underpowered. I am also underwhelmed by her ability; Sunweaver seems like a better option for less mana cost.

For a trait that only happens once and is a legendary, it definitely needs to be stronger. 50% at least.

Also, I think it would be cool if there were more traits like that which affected small groups of troops. Nice idea! Makes for a niche troop but good addition nonetheless

Next Mythic has the same kind of 3rd trait but for Daemons. Sadly, it’s also only +25%…

Yeah and that’s underpowered too.
They should reconsider

Shouldn’t this also go to the spoiler category?
Btw, love the dark purple color for that category

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What category does it show for you? Shows it’s in Spoilers for me.


Hmmm… 25% across four troops, is kinda like 100% on one troop, but not as good… so a legendary trait that’s not as good as the fairly common trait Empowered… I agree that doesn’t feel right…

I also agree that 50% on Knights would be a worry though - with Khorvash already over-powered and very common in the meta…

50% mana to all Daemons would be even worse - basically gifting Fast trait to Famine, Plague, War, even Gorgotha, etc etc? Hmmm, that would need to be done with care…


Now it shows as Spoilers. Maybe someone with more powers fixed it in between?
I tried to move another spoiler thread to Spoilers but couldn’t find the category in the list of options so I’m suspecting a higher helping hand (much appreciated!).

These mythics are becoming increasingly ordinary. The allure has worn off for me. I’ll spend everything I have during the weekly events for War and Famine and ignore the rest.

So why not a fixed amount of mana like 5 points?

That works better

Apparently, the amount of mana given by Clockwork is arounded to the lower amount so if the troop requires 7 mana, he will receive 3 mana, not 4. So just imagine 25%…

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There’s been a redesign to the upcoming Legendary previously spoiled (Queen Ysabelle). The old description was:

Legendary Sword’s Edge Human
Royal Decree (16 Blue/Green)
Give [Magic + 1] Attack and Armor to an ally, and 3 - 6 random Mana. All Sword’s Edge allies gain Barrier.
(Knight Bond, Armored, Warrior Queen)
MAX Attack:20 Life:20 Armor:23 Magic:5
You might see her one night at the Opera.

The new troop description is:

Legendary Sword’s Edge Human-Knight
Royal Decree (15 Blue/Green)
Give an ally [Magic + 1] Attack and Armor and deal their Attack as damage to the first enemy. All Allies other than me gain 3 - 8 Mana. [1:1]
(Knight Bond, Armored, For the People)
MAX Attack:20 Life:20 Armor:23 Magic:4
You might see her one night at the Opera.

As well, the Legendary third trait has changed. The old trait was:

Warrior Queen: All Knights start with 25% Mana.

The new trait is:

For the People: All Humans gain 2 Armor at the start of each turn.


Hmm, 2 of those with Green Seer and Alchemist. All colors covered, they feed each other mana to keep spells casting. Slower than some current builds, but should be “safer”. 3rd trait would be gravy since only Seer isn’t a human to get the free armor, but if you don’t have stones it isn’t a breaker.

I’m not too sure; that build sounds painfully slow.

Yup. But with tons of armor gains, entangle from seer, it will endure. I wouldn’t use it, just theorizing a use for the new Queen. The mana she gives other troops means you’re going to be able to cast often, so with a Queen being the target she’ll quickly gain attack. With full kingdoms she starts with 26 and gain 13 per cast, so while killing the first troop will take 2-3 casts, the other troops should be one shot. If the attack is added before the damage calculation, first use will be a 39 point nuke.

Although, an entangle would ruin your day!

That legendary sounds like a mess.