If it's on Steam page, is it a spoiler?


I talk about this girl:


Not really, but discussing the abilities of said troop would be. But as always just use spoiler tags if you want to discuss her :wink:


Would be a lot easier with a “spoiler” forum folder where we could discuss stuff without tags :wink:


@Nimhain @Sirrian I think we need this. :slight_smile:


I’m working on it right now. Bare with me for 10 minutes.


Why we didn’t think of this before is beyond me…


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I blame jet lag.

But we now have a Spoiler category to lay bare all the secrets you may find.


He he dat was a me type joke right there. Dat was funny.


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Let’s keep the forums family friendly shall we? :astonished:


Okay fine GemsofWar spoilers only. :innocent::smile_cat:


Okay so this troop have as 3rd trait "All Knights start with 25% Mana."
Why 25% and not 50% like Mechanist class?

Same question for the other troop with “All Daemons start with 25% Mana.”


This troop is:

Legendary Sword’s Edge Human
Royal Decree (16 Blue/Green)
Give [Magic + 1] Attack and Armor to an ally, and 3 - 6 random Mana. All Sword’s Edge allies gain Barrier.
(Knight Bond, Armored, Warrior Queen)
MAX Attack:20 Life:20 Armor:23 Magic:5
You might see her one night at the Opera.


What does her legendary ability do?


Okay so this troop have as 3rd trait “All Knights start with 25% Mana.”


Wait. She isn’t a Knight, herself? Just a human?


At present, she’s marked as Human only. As usual, this can change before release.

I suspect she’s positioned as the queen, and not a knight herself; the lady in whose name the knights fight. But it’s a bit early to arrive at conclusions like that, I suppose.