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[Old Spoilers] Oh no, it's happening (Nobend brothers goblin necro thread)

What have we done to deserve this madness?!

(This is ONE troop, kind of.)


Tacet why did you not post this in the spoiler thread in the lounge? Also troop name aside i bet i can wager its effect has something todo with extra turns.

Not everyone can get in the lounge and a fair number of lounge people check the files anyways.


This could be a red herring though cause there are plenty of troops in the files that have been there a while and have yet to be released.

Yes, that is true, but this troop has an event banner, meaning it is coming within the next month. Someone from another guild makes a nice graphic every monthly event update and hands it out to some of the upper guilds showing the order that new troops will come in. I’m too lazy to try finding it in the files atm. xD

Called it! All spoiler, no fun. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Mmmm @tacet I agree this one should be in the Lounge, if being published at all…

Maybe we should make a non-lounge spoiler thread, or un-lounge the lounge spoiler thread. People other than active forum users want to know too.


Lyya already posted data (subject to change and all) on this one in the lounge, and it really looks like a fun troop.

Yes please make a public spoiler thread::+1:

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I agree with that it shouldn’t be lounge only. just mark as spoiler and if someone don’t want to see don’t have to open.
think normal members should be able to if want to though

If nothing else, I could start posting spoiler videos and people can watch it with their own discretion. I do currently know some things that the devs don’t want me sharing, but I make sure to never say those kind of things. I just stick completely with the in game files and forum hints/confirmations.

There are a lot of videos I want to do for this game, but so little time. I am in the last week of my college semester right now too, so I am completely loaded with tests and papers.


Anyone who plays via Steam has just as much access to spoilers as anyone else.

The reason I made the spoiler thread Lounge-only in the first place was to avoid the general public spreading unofficial news that could be leaking out and causing issues for the developers.
Those who have earned the Regular status I felt deserved a bit of a reward, at their own discretion, and could freely share and talk of said subjects without needless outrage from something not concrete.

If someone wants to make an open public spoiler thread, by all means, be my guest! I didn’t :tm: the idea or anything. :sweat_smile:
But the primary spoiler thread will remain in the Lounge for the sake of preserving my original intent.

:relieved: Apologies if this isn’t what some of you wanted to hear.


Well, it’s not the greatest spoiler ever, just an image…
So far, I’ve never seen an image being completely changed between the moment it’s in the client files and when it goes live…

I still think all should be able to see, but I see @Zelfore point also maybe it could be made clear it is unofficial and that nothing about it is concrete. just a guess and a possible new troop etc.
thinking if anyone read it on open forum and started stating what they saw as fact they would be corrected via forums rather fast.
just some thoughts.
might get people excited and even renew interest though :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing the image, Tacet. :smiley:

Personally, I think it’s great to see a preview of troops that might appear. It does build up curiosity and excitement for some players. If someone doesn’t want to see sneak peaks, it’s pretty obvious they shouldn’t click anything that is labeled “spoiler”.

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I believe I remember someone mentioning (I believe) Ice Witch actually had a different image from what it is now, which did change before release (though I’ve no clue how close to).

I also have no problem with this simple image spoiler, I’m just pointing out the fact that the spoiler thread is littered with unofficially decided content and information, most of which I’m sure the devs wouldn’t want being discussed on the in-game public chat.

Images are fine so long as it’s spoiler tagged (sorta, idk the devs opinions on this subject), but the details on the troops and kingdoms starts to blur a line I’d like to avoid crossing. Easier to avoid doing so within a controlled group.

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How does one get access to the “Lounge” Category?



Users at trust level 3 can…

  • access a private “frequent flier’s lounge” category only visible to users at trust level 3 and higher

Apparently I’m just a member. Sniff no lounge for me.