New troop upgrade? Version 7.0

Source a video from oficial Facebook page.


More powerful spell,and less mana.

only because this is a spoiler thread:

Potential Massive Spoilers. You've been warned.

I expect more adjustments after release and I don’t expect all troops to be available day 1.


Interesting. First thought was that the three diamonds in the bottom right of the artwork on the 8 mana card are to represent medal stages and when fully medalled the troop now has lower mana and a better spell.

The lower mana card does have much lower attack, armour and health than the 10 mana one so will we be able to choose whether to go for the regular mana card at the higher stats and lower powered spell, or the lower mana card at the lower stats but higher powered spell?

I do like the art, but also liked the current simplicity of being able to tell if a troop is fully ascended at a glance with the cyan borders. Suppose we still will be able to from the stars on a card though. Makes me curious what a card which uses all six colours looks like.

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Y’know, I actually miss seeing cards with their base-rarity border color. I wish that was a display option.


It’s actually really interesting to see a screenshot of a random ‘junk’ troop. It makes it seem like this really will be an upgrade system for every troop in the game. Things like 5 mana thrall will enable some team tweaking.

Also excited for the Tesla upgrade to do nothing due to being coded as a mage.

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You’re pretty close.

If I’m looking at it right, the 3 Diamonds are the medaling stages.
They’re traits.

3 new diamonds shows the upgrade stages to their new spell (7.0 Update gameplay change). The 3rd picture is missing them and has the weaker spell ability.


The 2 special looking stars shows the Base Rarity.

New frame is respectable, but I reserve judgement until I see how it reacts to status effects in-game. If they can show Status effects without covering up the numbers, the better.

The only thing I don’t like about this frame so far is shortening “Elemental” to Elem. Because, who knows what else they’ve shortened and how. Has a chance to be problematic for troops with multiple longer troop typings.

If they moved Troop Role next to Level and moved the Medal progress below their kingdom, they’d have the full bottom to work with for Troop Typing.


Yeah, I think you’re right. Can’t think of any other explanation for the initial diamonds. I guess we’ll get the resources needed to upgrade the spell from the Underspire/Dungeons in the other tease. Could be cool.

And I’m not a fan of the role name shortening either but guess they have little alternative to fit everything on the card.

note the 3rd card has animation.


So this is the new troop look.

Thanks for sharing here, it’s going to take me a bit of getting used to :joy:

Maybe the diamonds represent the Traits.
They are not shown anywhere else on the new design.

I hope not.
If you’re right… ugh.

  1. If they kept stunned troops being X’d out, then diamonds would have to be X’d out and you’d have to pay attention that far down the card.

  2. You lose the symbols that told you what each trait did. Granted most of the times, it meant nothing, but a few of the times, the 3rd icon was a good way to tell what hero class was being used in some random screenshot someone used which would otherwise have no details.

I mean if the traits aren’t shown, then… well you’d still run into the 2nd problem and the x’s won’t be shown in the 1st situation either.

I’m just hoping we get a clean looking Stun and just not have traits be those 3 diamonds. I have no clue. I’m more than glad to be wrong though.


I made a post why Shiny cards disappeared and them it seems like it’s gonna come back

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we need to see also this, the card in battle.
it will be a shorter version of the current 2nd pic ?
im curious how they manage stunned ones


I had the impression the change is only for what you see outside of battle (e.g. in your roster), the layout during battle will likely stay the same.

Stunned has always included that yellow circle of small stars over the cart art, however MOST status ailments are centered around the card art anyway so the three X’s across the traits are far more readable.

Just wanted to come back and say you were right, they are traits.


And stun puts a red slash through the trait diamonds.


The numbers of mana in color are so bad, it’s difficult search the information, I don’t imagine for the people with sight problem.

When an enemy is stunned, the red line is little, same, so difficult to see.

The different animations (barrier, poison, ect) are difficult between the new look and the turquoise animation when the card is ready.

The line with the life etc is the same color of the mana, but red/brown are no clear. The look is red than red/brown.