I’d like to say thank you to the devs and I hope the rest of you do too!


Half if not more of the posts in here I don’t read.
Pointless and useless.

Either you like the game or not? Why do we always need to complain so they change it again?

It’s a vicious cycle.


15 likes on a topic thanking the devs, 31 on a devs call out.

You guys rock!!!


If there is any troop that needs a nerf then it should be the peasent :+1:


I think the forums need a nerf!


I don’t think you are looking at the bigger picture, the internet needs a nerf :wink:


You want more comments? Careful what you wish for. This thread is just a complaint thread about other people complaining, or for complaining that you don’t like certain troop changes/suggestions that some other people want. The forums is a complaint box because of those other threads and this one. Trying to mask it by adding some dev compliments (which they deserve, I agree) doesn’t make this thread any less negative at it’s core. Most regular posters are responsible (myself included), just not all realize or admit it.

I do get criticism daily, and it improves my work. But if it were negatively expressed rather than constructive, it would be a real drain. I think the goal should be to change the tone of the forums rather than the content, and try to interact with the developers respectfully and in a positive manner. Disagreement and debate aren’t bad things, it’s often about presentation.


Ya know what needs a nerf? This Nerf.

Talk about OP.


Hey man, thanks a lot for stopping by. I’m glad this is a masked complaint thread. We were on the right track but it’s easily derailed.

It’s just a shame no one stopped by with thanks here but just passed it on up to go grieve in the others.

Constructive Cristiscm does help to s certain point.

But do we really need to call them out after a day. When they do something right I don’t see a million good jobs.

Maybe I’m missing it. Idk. I have no complaints here so far. So guild wars scoring is a bit unknown. I think we’ll make it through.


Nerf this thread. Too OP.


Thx for stopping by @Tacet. I know you like this game.


Yes, as soon as you notice a problem you report it. Often they don’t even know about the issue until you raise it. How long do you think you should let something stay broken before you try to get it fixed? As for “good jobs”, I agree, there aren’t enough of them. But there are quite a few, they just get a bit lost in the noise.

I agree about making it through. I have lots of complaints and lots of compliments, but the devs have done a great job in the past and I expect no less in the future (even if it’s not always my way :wink: ).


This is pretty much the reason why I stay away from the forums currently. The hostility is sometimes too much for me to endure.


Yes quit nerfing stuff learn to build around certain problem troops and ffs please turn gem spawners back where it was really sucks 5% of the time hitting other 95% giving ai at least 1, 4 match


not sure is this the right place but i want to thank the devs for:

  • making gw points earned with the latest battle (mobile) actually stay at the battle screen summary !
  • making mass chest opening (mobile) much faster, by allowing clicking the [skip] -> [collect] buttons right after another with no delay and making the skip button to actually skip all the animation of the summary reward list

those two changes made it much easier and comfortable for me :heartpulse:
when you get time, @Saltypatra please pass them my word of thanks :slight_smile:


Thank you all for your comments.

This thread is for whatever anyone wants to say, but I would like to say I want to try to keep it as positive as possible and let’s help make this better game in a better way.

I think they have done a good job and definitely have increased the player base even though it is a little bit challenging at times.

Hopefully When crafting comes out we can really start having some fun,

So sit back, relax and just try to enjoy the game for what it is.

Thank you again.

Let’s keep this thread alive.


I’d like to necro this thread because I am still here and still loving the game, sure we had some ups and downs and ppl have come and gone, but they keep doing their best!!!

So keep it up devs and good luck in the new update!! Some may love it and some may hate it but at least we know you gave it your all!!!

Now bring on the new content and thank you for all the hard work and dedication!!!

A few new devs to add here too @cyrup and @Kafka! Thank you for joining the team and helping to make it better.


Oh please don’t nerf our resources!!!’ Let’s definitely shut that down pretty please!

And thank you for in Infernus, he is the best troop ever, my new favorite speed pvp is,

Queen Titania

Plows through most everything unless a mab team freezes you and then it may lose.


This post deserved a bump. Great thread. :+1:


My 2nd day playing I got TDS, he was brand new that week, people were jealous…lol. He was my favorite trip then and I still love him.

My favorite thing about this game is when the monotony starts to kick in, the devs give us something new, be it a troop, a kingdom, gw, or the exciting stuff coming in 3.3. There is always something on the horizon to be excited about…so, thank you


I really am curious of the new dragon soul, will he be changed at 3.3 as well?