I love the update...thanks devs :)

Just wanted to say that I’ve seen some huge improvements, you all put a lot of work into this and it shows. There may be a few bugs to work out, but that’s to be expected, and I can give you respect of giving you time to do so without complaining.
The backboard in matches is 100% better. I don’t think I realized how bad it was until you fixed it and I see how much better it is. Thank you for that.
Also, thank you for toning down the status effects. I’m not going to tell you how many times I got screwed up not remembering who had barrier and who didn’t And not being able to tell, lol, but the changes that you’ve made it been a huge Improvement.
I’m surprised people are complaining about the lower drop rate of gnomes. You took gems out of LT because of the economy, I’m not sure why they assumed you would suddenly allow them to get over 50 in an hour. I wasn’t one of the lucky ones who logged in immediately after the update and found gnomes left and right, in fact I still haven’t found one but I’m excited to do so. What an awesome random event. My turn is coming I know it :wink:
Thanks for all your hard work and effort, it shows and it is appreciated. Can’t wait to try out the other new content…like a kid at Christmas,lol.


Love the update. Dislike all the negativity from players. Thought I would be be up playing more after the update than ever but all the crying and whining made me log off earlier then I have in a long time. Look forward to Invasion and Raid bosses.


I love the update too! There isn’t that much to see right now, should be more interesting once the new events start, but so far, I like it. Mainly because of the “Play Again” button in Explore, lol


So far it seems pretty good to me. Much better than the last couple of major updates. I’m not sure why the crying would cause you to log off the game. If your not looking in chat, or on the forum you should be able to play without hearing people complain


Too bad the troop filter is still awful. The previous one was much better (allowing to reset only 1 filter, allowing to go directly to ZulKari without having to scan all the kingdoms,…).
Only improvement of the filter is the option that allow to select several mana colours.

Team slots: still impossible to go directly to the last one.
Hero menu then Inventory menu: Still impossible to go directly at the bottom without scanning all 61 (!) items.

Usually updates are made for improving something, not keeping same probs or even making them worse like the troop filter.
So even if Im happy to see the retry button added for explore, all these new game modes and also that (almost) all the French translation errors fixed, there are still many problems remaining.

I must say that I am very surprised that such a basic feature for allowing to go directly to the bottom of a list with a simple press on “up” button without having to scan all the list is still missing in this game. Its something that can probably be found on all video games since more than 20 years.


Good points. Hopefully the next update will focus on balance and quality-of-life issues. I think they need to slow down on pushing new content for a little bit now.


Agreed great update but liked before if had 9 troops could still add to ascend now cant until have whole amount required

eg bombot legendery with 5 of 50 for mythic have 17 so add now 22/50

new update cant add until have whole 50

Wish I could like this a bazillion times. Thank you.

My eyes already feel better, thank you! :slight_smile:

Big thumbs up from me! Bless the devs for plunging forward in evolving GoW regardless of all the crap from the player base they have to endure.

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Agree, this is one of the best updates in a while.
Especially love those kingdom banners…just beautiful.
The whole UI is looking pretty good now, all nice and uniform.
And the new troops cards are quite an improvement too.

And new game modes came just in time to spare me from getting sick of guild wars. :relieved: