I’d like to say thank you to the devs and I hope the rest of you do too!

So I have been here on forums for about half a year and it seems like the majority here think this is for complaints and troop hating.

Now there are plenty of team building threads and helpful guides, beginner videos etc.

But yet everyday we see more and more complaints about how hard it is and blah, blah, blah.

For those of us who like this game we don’t want to see it ruined so can you please stop trying to nerf every troop you lose too?

Let’s use this thread to compliment the devs for working hard to keep us angry customers happy and on top of this mess.

Put in your favorite troops or anything.
If anyone needs help just ask me or any oif the other top players, we’ll show you a trick or 2.

Help me to shut this nerf factory down!!!

Thx! @Sirrian @Nimhain @GoldPhoenix0 @Vexx @Saltypatra @Alpheon and any other dev I forgot to mention.

You guys have made a sweet game and keep up the awesome work!

This helps me unwind daily.


Its been up and running the two and a half years i been here lol


This is an excellent suggestion @Santandrix!

I for one LOVE this game! Hiw much do i love it? I am able to run a high functioning guild on pc/mobile while being a member if a top guild on ps4 and also beta testing and trying to contribute to these forums ti the best of my ability…

Now if that aint love for a game i dont know what is…

Some of my favorite troops are:

Shiny- because he is so awesome that twice a week you could run a gw team of just 4x him and destroy everything in your path!

Pharos ra: because there is something real satisfying about having a troop that allows me to gather a crap ton of souls and be able to nuke almost anything in one shot!

Mongo: because random effects are fun and his back story is particularly entertaining to me (not to mention the obvious Blazing Saddles memories he brings out)

And my first real good team that holds a special place in my heart:

I used that team from about level 50 to probably 150!

Anyway thank you to the entire Dev team and to @Santandrix for starting this thread!


I have made it my mission to shut down as many Khorvash nerf threads as I come across, and I get a lot of fun out of it. Tbh, the only troop I ever really wanted nerfed is one that will probably never be.

Instead, I agree, let us shower the devs with praise for what is actually a deceptively well balanced game. It’s not perfect, symmetrical balance, but that gets boring and stale so that’s fine!

Asymmetrical balance, having X counter Y counter Z, where X is weak to V but also kind of strong against W and S, which are both completely torn apart by Z but also weak to Y… That makes for complex and interesting gameplay. I like it.

Even if I don’t play any more


All good comments so let’s keep them coming!

I can’t wait to see what ppl cry about next.

If I wanted a easy game I’d still be playing Tetris. Or even better pong!

Bring on the new troops and let’s see what’s in store for us next.


Spoilers: It’s Khorvash again. Or Famine, who I think is actually relatively well balanced.

Also spoilers: Not Moloch

Edit for context: I am a relic that hails from the age of Moloch and Lady Sapphira being two of the strongest cards in the game


The Yankees are beating the Indians.8 to 1 in the 7th. I think they need a nerf!


I am not lucky to have been playing that long, I think I’m in the 440’s days around.

Running a guild on PS4 has been a blast and I have come a very long way, not on my own but with help from other players.

Adapt, adjust and conquer! That’s the best way to succeed!


I added a little bit up top to show some love to the devs! If I missed any devs please add, thanks!


To add to your list @Santandrix:

@Andrew @CliffyA and @Lila36


I would be surprised if its not psion lol


Hmm I think that is happening now, and korvash as well.


I am still very pleased with the game - nerfs and changes and all. :slight_smile: I’ve been around the game for a better part of a year and a half/two years and I still feel like I’m learning new techniques and teams to try which is very awesome for a casual game in my opinion!

My favorite troop at the moment is Kraken as I just obtained it a couple weeks ago. It was the one card I’ve been waiting for since the beginning and am finally able to enjoy playing against three trophy teams without getting crushed every single time. Now if only i can obtain Dragon Soul…

I believe this game is a diamond in the rough. Because it is not P2W in my opinion as you can essentially grind to get everything. In my mind, there isn’t a comparable game out there. Sure, there’s a ton of match 3 and card games, but this one beautifully combines the two. They definitely found the sweet spot with gameplay.

I think the devs are doing a wonderful job - working very hard with implementing changes that the community brings up on top of fixing bugs on top of wading through some of the not-so-friendly posts here. Many kudos to the devs!

Also, I do need to mention that this forum community is unlike any other that I’ve experienced. Naturally, there are a few bad apples as there will be anywhere, but the awesome people are the vast majority here. Always so helpful with new players and seasoned ones with questions. That is seriously so refreshing.


Church! Preach!

Whatever happens I really hope they never nerf EK. I waited son long to get the guy. And when I did he had already received a time out. He doesn’t need another one. All these cry babies mane!

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I’ve only been around for about 7 weeks and I really enjoy the game I spend a lot time playing it and on these forums and the various discord channels.

I think the dev’s have a challenging job as any would with a game like this and are doing the best they can.

I can say 505 has the best customer service I’ve have ever had the pleasure of dealing with in my 35+ years of playing video games (ok a few of those earlier years didn’t have CS teams but the point stands)

I expect I’ll be around for many months to come I enjoy the challenge of building a guild from the ground up and I’m happy I have this week finally hit 30 active players. I look back on how far we’ve come in the last 7 weeks makes me really look forward to what we can accomplish in the coming months. Being a casual guild I don’t think we’ll ever make top 25 but I sure would like to see top 50 :slight_smile:

Anyway nice job to the Dev’s keep up the good work (and I’m VIP 8 but I like to support the games I play and think anyone in the financial position to do so should do the same).



My first legendary troop was the Shadow Dragon about 2 years ago. I also remember I didn’t get another one for about 6 months. (I don’t remember the first mythic troop.)

My first basic line-up I used for a couple months used the Shadow Dragon, Sacred Guardian, the hero (with the weapon that did damage to everyone and took 1 point from everyone-I don’t remember what it’s called) and one other cat. I was playing Arena quite a bit at that time and the Sacred Guardian was in the line-up that beat me 3 of the first 4 times I lost.

I soon needed a line-up I could use to control the board. Enter the Zaejin line-up. I used my hero with the weapon that blew up brown gems, Goblin, Goblin Rocket and Boar Rider. I soon replaced the hero with the Goblin Shaman. That was a good line that hit often, but it didn’t hard. I was soon facing line-ups that could do more damage in one attack than I could in 2 or 3 if not 4 or 5 hits.

I soon needed a line-up that could hit harder, control the board and generate lots of souls. Glacial Peaks can on line about that time. Enter the Winter Knight, Valkyrie, Queen Mab, Yeti line I used for months.


I have been playing on and off for 2 years or so, my favorite troop is Krys…, I can’t spell that, I do love the third trait, EK is pretty awesome as well, I had to think a bit to beat him and the Drak/Humility teams, there is always a way out of a battle, think of a new team, do something different, ask people for there opinions, but most importantly have fun and figure it out, sure the devs do things I do not like but who wants an always easy game that would be no fun?

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Oh shucks, most of this thread warms our little dev hearts.


Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock. Simples

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With all rhe hate and negativity on these boards right now i felt some positivity was warranted.

I absolutely LOVE this game! I love both guilds i am in! The guild i run on pc/mobile is full of gangstas! And my guild on ps4 is too even tho i dont really know them yet!

End the hostility and spread some love!