I’d like to say thank you to the devs and I hope the rest of you do too!


Love from here too. Nothing is ever going to be perfect, haters gonna hate, etc. - but this is a darn good experience, all things considered. The development team does a great job of blending their own creativity and design skills with suggestions and commentary from the community.

I’m in the camp of buffing weaker troops rather than nerfing stronger ones. The kingdom overhauls have been great so far and have encouraged me to try a lot more troops.

And I would love to see a troop named Nerf who buffs Bone Dragon, Famine, Justice, Kerberos, Khorvash, Manticore, and Psion, just for spite. :wink:

Many thanks!


You are my hero😎



In another game that I play, the developers have joke troops like that hidden in the code. They’re not obtainable at all, but they are pretty funny. :grin:


Ahh the modern day - truth is negativity and people who make accurate observations are labelled haters.

Remember khorvashs pretty clothes that everybody admired even though he was in the buff?

When u play justice trio 20-30 times a day that is boring - its just boring. The cycle can start on 1st move. Facts not hate - you may not like peoples reaction to the tedium but they are not all just haters or negative people. They are bored and frustrated, and have every right to be heard, and not labelled and dismissed. Sadly the developers appear to label us all that way, except those who reckon we all should all be greatful for the tedium.


thanx +1
(10 char)


You donr think i do pimpin?


And still nothing changes. This thread goes unnoticed while all the rage flies.

Can’t we all just get along and play the game?

I went in on Green Day with all blue, good thing I caught it by the last 2. Now there is something to gripe about. Even with the little color indicator I still missed it.

Pulled in 5,942 bc of that error. I thought my low score was bc of changes, lol.


I made a really nice blue team tho, for all of these beasts.


You caught it? cough


You did after I was griping


Really funny part is I showed my guild my team before hand and they thought I was prepping ahead for blue day. Too funny.

Better then losing.


Now how am I going to score better then @Eika. So can you break the news and tell us who you joined?




and here I thought I was in it already, damn, where is my invite?


You must send Vangor a CV + have an 2 hours long interview through PMs before joining.


It was an open invite brudda… You musta missed it lol


Lol what is CV?


Curriculum Vitae


I think ppl think forums are a big complaint box. This thread only pulled a few comments, while guild wars complaints fly through the roof.

Hey thanks again to the devs for continuing and not just shutting it down period due to all the negativity in here.

What if we all were critized daily at work, man that would feel great!!!


@Santandrix great minds think alike brudda!