Praise for Devs

OK iv read a lot of posts. A lot are of complaints or were your doing wrong, or change this or change that. Or things are overpowered.

I have to say. As a new player a couple of months in. Level 582.
This is the only game like this. We’re I can grind and grind. And compete.
Other games give you your points. Then you wait 12 hours for more points to play again. Or you can pay money and play more…

So your game iv spent nothing. I’m on 2132 trophies this week. Iv been able to get. Life and Death, trick or treat and arach weaver.
All through grinding and playing.
Just like I do on Diablo or titan quest.

But your game is FREE YES FREE.

No complaints never will be for a free game.
I love the rpg elements.

Ps. A request for us newbies. An event we’re you can only use base common or base rare troops.
Or maybe a gnome event we’re we have to use gnomes, there’s to many troops not used by anyone.
That would make all these lvl 1500 moaners work.
As we’d all be same level then.
Or maybe events were you pick the weopon we use.
Thankyou very much if anyone reads this.


Where have you been, there is nothing but complaints on the boards. So people will complain no matter what if it is a free game or not.

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Yes I said that, it means no complaints from me.
It’s like complain about presents or a free meal.

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Remember that there is several of us that put money into the game so the game can be running for players like yourself. I think complains is totally fine no matter if ure paying or not as long as it is constructive.


I think Arena kinda does some of this, but I do agree that so many troops are left unused when new challenges should be waiting for them. For the gnomes, I don’t know, aren’t they supposed to stay in the garden anyway…

Yes but unlike triple a games, this is completely free.
And you only put money in to circumvent the hard work/grind.
Your not forced to pay, its your decision.

So maybe a forum. For payers. And one for non payers.
As I’m sure there’s non payers complaining.
Cos there dumb.

Ure saying that players should not be complaining because the game is free. Our time is valuable right? Also you won’t stop players from complaining by creating statements/posts like these. They will always exist, some only knows to complain lol…


For instance. The devil.
What a name to give to a troop.
That no one will use.

I think a pvp arena type game would be awesome.

To many people use the same troops.

No one should complain. About something free it’s nuts.
People that do that we’re obviously raised wrong.
Yes complain if your giving money…
But come on. It’s free lmao

I get what u mean, but people will complain no matter what you say. You cannot stop them.


And that was my point of giving the developers who have made a game that I’ve spend 100s of hours on for free.


Come on people pay £40 for a cod game and don’t get as many hours as we do on a game.

Yeah, but your post comes off like you telling people to stop complain. They are free as you to express whatever they want to, not everyone shares your mindset.


Well for people that Havnt put money into the game.

Yes I am saying stop complaining about a free game. That you enjoy. With no adverts.

Omg seriously why. There the sort of people that would win a million and complain its not 2 million.

No the reality is that people will complain no matter if they plays for free or put money into the game - there aint much of a difference to be honest.

Also not all complaints is bad, many of the complaints is important ones which helps the Devs to make the game even better.

Perhaps you are talking about the everyday whiners?

Is praise about a free game just as valuable feedback as critiques are?


I whine to myself.
10000 glory
2000 gems
400 quest keys.

And only one crappy mythic to show for it.
Huang long anyone pmsl.

And a guild mate has had 3 mythics this week hehe.
I’m gonna cry soon.

No ino what you mean. Cheers for the replies

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That is fine that you whine to yourself, but some people prefer to whine in the open. You, me cant stop them. They are free as we are as long as they follows the guidelines/rules of the boards.

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My post was more to praise. And let them know people appreciate An awesome game.
Ist and foremost.


The boards needs more people like you, maybe you can tell your guildmates to come here as well, we need every positivity we can get.

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I meant no offence, I don’t love the idea of gnome events, but it would be great if they would add a base rarity cap to some of the world event weeks, so more troops would have some use and it might even feel nostalgic to some players… And welcome to the forums! There has been some difficulties on what is promised and what is given, so people are a bit on the edge right now :no_mouth: