Dev appreciation!

I would like to thank the devs for such an awesome game! A lot of the troops are awesome! The artwork is fantastic! The drop rates are fair. The honor system is fun and not at all exploitable! Well done all!

The Honor stem is very much exploitable I see ppl doing it all the time I just report them for cheating and get a thank you letter from the devs

I would like this thread to stay positive and happy! Thank you for your input but that is not on topic. :smiley:

Was just fixing your false info here

That wasnt the point of the thread. Now please stay on topic.

I’m not even gonna argue with you. Have a nice day

Oh thank you! You also have a nice day! And a blessed one! I love you!

Please stay on topic. This topic is to show appreciation for the dev team. Thank you.

You said I love you I was saying love you to like really dude?

I’m not a dev. I know what your problem is. You’re prejudice. You are prejudiced against cowboys. Well you would be a happier person if you would open up and eliminate the hate.

This conversation isn’t going to go anywhere productive. Locked.