A big 'Thank You' to the developers

I do not know where to put this article/thread but i just wanted to thank you for your hard work on this patch as i enjoy this game and wanted to thank you from my heart and appreciate what you have done for the fans you have and want to thank you for listening to us. This thread is for anyone who wishes to thank the developers of this game or for the developers who are having a hard time during their day to come here and feel appreciated by their fans. I know making and fixing a game is hard and stressful so thank you for taking all that stress and making a beautiful game that is hours of fun and exciting. Thank you for all the hard work you put in everyday and i hope you keep it up for a long time to come.


People are upset with the tribite nerf, with next to no gems being given out.

Arena is nerted too. 3 gold keys instead of 2 iron keys (4 gold keys+ 2 glory keys), and half the souls.

Treasure Maps are double the cost and glory isn’t easier to get unless you’re playing PVP (pay-to-win).

It now costs 400 glory to get an Annointed One, which is nearly triple the cost of yesterday.

And we now have to chase traitstones.

A devs “thankyou” thread feels inappropriate right now. I’m sure they fix it, and it will be amazing when it happens, but this thread just makes people who are frustrated by these actions feel isolated and we need to grow the community - not make people walk away.


Wow you’re just all sunshine … thread starter is trying to do something nice and you go and do this. Let me address everything in order:

Tributes are rebalanced. There are more keys and souls and glory in here than before.
The keys in the arena are Glory Keys, so its actually better.
Almost everyone is playing PVP.
The 400 Glory cost covers way more things than just the one troop in there. Although if all you want is the troop, that’s bad luck.
We earn keystones automatically in PVP. Which almost everyone is playing.



Thank You +1

Although we could really use a speed click button for ascending and disenchanting. :wink:
Or a click & hold feature for auto-increments to save the hassle changing the visible interface.


i know the community is stressed out by the update and we were given advanced warning to save/use keys and there was debate and with patches come bugs. Tribute has not been a problem with me but then i also don’t have maxed anything and am still a low level so the tribute “nerf” is being felt by those at higher levels. With arena i am actually getting more souls from it than before the patch and am not wearing any armour and i am getting more keys as well. as i got 6 keys so far so and not even counting stones or souls. The glory cost of the gladiator is based on all things you get with him that are guaranteed. We don’t know how much souls a trait stone is worth much less two and with the treasure maps being more. You get glory from treasure maps so spending glory to get glory seems redundant especially seeing as you can get free maps from cascades. In 107 you play 3 rock worms one deep borer and you could guarantee maps and on the forums people were complaining about having exra maps which meant that either !maps were too cheep or 2 maps were too easy to get so the fix was either change how you got maps from gem cascades r increase their price.


  1. Yes nerfed.
  2. My error, new iconography. Still half souls…
  3. I prefer limited. Many people do. I play pvp to get to rank 1 each week as glory is scarce.
  4. Bvndelvs. Latin for “buying stuff I don’t want because I have to”. Bad luck indeed.
  5. I just dont like the PVP metagame with it getting “balanced” every couple of weeks because something that was in a bundle last week wasn’t playtested.

Like I said, I’m sure it will get fixed - but that will happen with discussion. Not blind optimism.

Thank you for this thread, @killerman3333. Glad to see others appreciate the effort put into what was essentially 3 months of constant work by a team of 5-10 people.

There are problems, and there are complaints. There’s fixing, and there’s reworking.
Some of these changes are, in fact, permanent. Comparing it to before the patch is like comparing a cent today to what it was worth 50 years ago. So focusing on actual bugs is the correct way to look at things.

Also, to follow up on what Shimrra said:

That troop is also now available in Glory+ chests as well as from the offer, so it’s just an easy way out, not the primary means of obtaining the troop.

I’m all for suggestions. Adding more reward to successful defends? That’s a suggestion!
But being a negative-Nelly and saying we get less for doing more is blind comparison and really isn’t a proper form of criticism.


You might have a point or two there but this is not the right place to voice them. Make a “No thanks to the devs at all” thread and start your discussion there.

Back on topic, you devs have my gratitude :grin:

Fair point, I’ve said my peace, and alot of the new stuff is really cool. It just feels like what we had just get devalued.

I’ve only played since 1.0.7, as most of my guild has been. It sad to see people walk away. Also, as my entire play experience was in 1.0.7, yes I have an expectation of what a cent is worth - and it feels like I’ve stepped out of a time machine and I’m looking for work as a video store attendant. CD’s are cheaper though.

I started playing this game in Jan 2015 and made level 1000 a few days ago. I have enjoyed the forum ride so far - ups and downs - excitement and despair but always enjoying a great game with fantastic support and comments from our friendly developers. Thanks devs you have brought us a long way in 11 months.

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[quote=“Shimrra, post:3, topic:2023, full:true”]
Tributes are rebalanced.… [/quote]

By the same logic we could remap words “thank you” to “F* off” or vica versa. When former gains got cut to half or quarter it is normally called nerf and the r-word is only used by either fanboys or as deep sarcasm.

If we look at effort, yea, there is lot of it, also the deadline is met, that is a reason to praise. But when I see a guy digging a hole for a week and fills it back it back up on the next I can’t hand out good-work badges really.

This is a game, so actual players probably measure it in “fun value” rather than effort. The recent changes definitely look interesting and add some complexity, but I’m not sure it makes the game any more fun. For some people at least, may be many.

Just as few majors before when we were promised a minigame, and instead got the treasure hunt. That was fun for meybe 4 games. Someone may present real statistics, I’m sure only few people bother to play it – so it is a ton of effort practically lost.

Now it could have been improved, and made fun, with just a few ounces of effort. But it got zero dev time since release, not counting tweaks to the map cost. If instead of dumping 5 lazy levels on the troops (AGAIN!) we got those hours, I’m sure there would be a major thank you thread, and without the negativity some players (me included) put in.

I play the treasure map 4-5 times a day minimum. Pasa seems to think that just because he doesn’t like something, nobody else does, either. He is mistaken.


I know I enjoy the treasure map portion. Just wish I could get maps more easily. The new shop and plentiful glory are helping though.

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Me as well. I love treasure hunt a lot and I never get enough maps. 50 glories is a bit too steep though. :confused:

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I love the treasure hunt, and spent 2000 glory on maps before the patch hit, so that I would have a stockpile to play.

When the rework the Hero, if they allow the weapons to power up, I hope they bring back Anvil Forging mini-game, from Challenge of the Warlords.

Nothing like spending a day to forge a super weapon!

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Unless they release an expansion and raise the level cap so that the beggar’s bow (or was it little boy bow? I forgot ^^) deals more damage than the weapon you spent two days on xD

+1 treasure hunting. I probably don’t play it every day, but I enjoy it a lot and I consider it a nice break from the pvp grind.


I think what some might be misunderstanding here is that thanks and praise does not equal complete acceptance of everything happening in the development of a game as a good thing. Making sure the devs feel like their hard work is valued is a wonderful thing, and they rightfully earn our thanks. Constructive criticism is a thing that I’ve come to understand they really like seeing, as I know they value our feedback. That is not to say that if you don’t like something, you should whine about it and post bitter retorts every time someone posts a positive note to the devs.

Nobody likes change. That is human nature. However, it is more valuable to the future of the game if you can put out a thoughtful, critical analysis of the newest changes than if you merely post complaints. If you are upset with changes, fine, you’re totally allowed to be. But the devs work very hard, they listen closely to us, and those of us who frequent these forums will only spit back, and it just makes everyone less happy about everything.


Thanks for making VIP rewards retroactive. I know that you didn’t have to do that, so I appreciate that you did!


I should add my voice here, I feel.

A big thanks to the devs and their hard work. Hope they get some kind of seasonal break as well as bug-fixing. Or actually hope they continue to slave away and bring us more content soonest… :stuck_out_tongue:

My long-standing view is that this game is half-finished… So much more content, variety, end-game stuff to come, and I know the devs have ambitious plans… @Sirrian has a constant battle to balance the best interests of all of us with making sure to make some money… and yet the game is already amazing fun, can’t wait for the later stuff… and encourage all those upset by occasional balance changes / economy changes etc to take a longer view…

I’ve been concerned and stressed and worried in other threads, so it’s necessary I speak here as well.
Thanks Devs, for all your hard work.
You’ve given me a game that I enjoy, and have played for hundreds of hours.
You’ve given me this game for free, and I’ve taken advantage of that.
(Hence, thank you to all players who pay them for this game.)

Thank you for putting plenty of thought into the skill system of traitstones.
We’re in early days for this new meta, and the shuffle and jostle to find where we all fit in is real, but everyone who comes out the other side will do so richer in experience. (And hopefully their collection too!)

Opening that mass bundle of keys on day 1 was fun, and for some reason I got a few more gold keys overnight, so thanks for that too!

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