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I can make your Maw-Maw CRY in under 2 min :P

I can make your Maw-Maw CRY in under 2 min :stuck_out_tongue:

Wanna see it again ???


now try to get it done in 1 minute or less.

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@killerman3333 bro i was tryin 2 find a double maw team to show how easy maws are. but wouldnt u know none would pop up :wink:

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double maw is bad, i get the need for a back-up unit for like dustdevil or maw but seriously that is baaaaad.

It’s not that Maws are easy. It’s the AI that is clueless, making this game easy in general.
The thing is just that Maws are very random. Normally if you start a match with a board full of Skulls you use some, AI uses some and so on until they’re used up and both teams are more-or-less equally damaged. Usually yours less as you make better decisions. With such a start against a team with Maw in first slot you can lose 2 troops to Hunger before the battle really begins. Or lose a troop anytime after any beginning due to a lucky (for AI) Skull drop.
Not that I’m complaining, I still win around 99% of matches against Maws. But it’s almost the only troop I take seriously.

Well said. This is exactly what the QQ is about. I could make a similar video where I run circles around a Maw team, and it wouldn’t prove anything. I personally just accept being Hunger-Devoured sometimes as a fact of life. You can mitigate it to a degree, but fight against enough Maws and you’ll eventually get bitten.


here is a double maw battle. maw even devoures 2 units and you can still win.
my whole point is Know your enemy, Adapt, Overcome ///:slight_smile:


Why would you want to make my mamaw cry? :cry:

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Because i am mean :stuck_out_tongue:

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You allowed Maw to have 3 skull matches and it got no devours. That’s not when people complain, its when the RNG hits 2 devours in 2 skull matches.


I usually dont even play on after 1 devour. lol.
I figure time better spent on the next 2 wins :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, in that case, what are you trying to show here? That it’s possible to win against a Maw team? I’m fairly sure that was never under debate.


That “MAW” is not as big and bad as players think they are :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting. I guess you’re interpreting people’s comments differently than I am.


I am glad you showed that you can fight against double maw, i almost thought maw’s spell went off twice.

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:stuck_out_tongue: x2 lol lol

Devour on something like a single skull match is a bad idea because it can drastically change a match with just 1 match. It doesn’t take a cascade of gems, or multiple abilities, it’s just 1 trait, with a single skull match. This is why Maw is seen as bad for hte game, and why it’s generally seen as the best defense.

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Yup. No other third trait comes close to that level of game changing.

Well give credit where it’s due. The devs tried their hardest with Infernal King and Queen Mab to surpass Great Maw’s “brokenness”.

Instead of changing what’s broken, they just add more ‘semi-broken’ stuff to correct it.

Remember Sheggra when she was still useful? It was always random nonetheless, and thus sometimes a huge risk to use it, cause you could easily hand over a board full of match-4s to the ai. Then she was nerfed to hell. “Hey, lets add Infernal King, who pretty much does the same thing, only not random at all and cause you can get match-4s with greens to skulls or browns to reds, with 2-5 times as often keeping the turn.” Why nerf Sheggra first to than add Infernal King?

Oh and Queen Mab, very wise. Everyone will totally use Psion now - not.
When you add Queen Mab, make a refund for Psion in the future.

The third trait on Broken Maw was a stupid decision in the first place. Oh well. he can only use his skill once per match. Only he usually randomly devoured 1 or 2 troops before his spell is ready. Glad he can only use it once when I only got 2 to 3 troops left. -.-

tl,dr: some troops suck, and it’s the devs fault
sry for derailing the topic =P

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