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A time saver for devour troops

I think it would save everyone some time if instead of saying that your devour troops have a 50% chance of devouring an enemy you just give the real stat of 0. That way people can avoid using those troops as the proc never hits.

Oh and while were at it, might as well say the dragon soul will absolutely have rebirth as ive never seen it not proc.

good job on the consistency super impressed.

I know this sounds super salty and it does cause I am. Its incredibly frustrating, I know everything is supposed to be a gamble yadda yadda, but seriously tighten your business up a bit!

thank you.

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My doomclaw is plenty hungry. I’ve often done double devours. Or two separate devours in the same match… I’ve even built a team just to devour with him kerb kraken and someone else.

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yeah in hindsight i regret writing this, i was fired up.

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The Dragon Soul does have 100% rebirth, doesn’t he?
It’s never not happened for me or the AI.

If you want this closed, ping someone with the power to do so :+1:


Most of the Troops who run on percentages, work better for the ai period. Death mark, devour and lethal kills, etc. Even Troops who spawn gems usually set the player up, but on defense they will loop kill.

It’s all in our heads though, that’s why you can only win with a loop lock team, usually. Even with that you can lose too.

Guild wars is back, I’m already seeing the board favoring the ai as always.

Enjoy. This is what gems of war is all about, RNG.


For me Devours seem to come in waves, I never rely on them they are usually just a nice surprise. :smiley:

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@Santandrix I just imagine in my head Infernus giving me a lot of hugs, instead of hitting me wave after wave. It makes it easier when I lose to say ‘well he just loved me too hard’. -smiles-

(I do this for every troop or team that seems to have amazing luck.)