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When will the cheating stop

I know there have been many, many, posts about this topic but seriously this game can be ridiculous. Is anyone else sick of this? The devouring on defense is simply incredible, I just had a dragon soul rebirth 3 times in the same match. Had the devour shark which is only 25% i think devour 2 of my troops straight up.

My 50% devour troops only proc once every 4-5 times. isnt that math a bit off. Im not super salty when i write this but this is kinda insane. I guess im hoping for some changes and the only way to make that happen is to let people know, hence this forum.

Anyway not looking for haters or people to go off but actual ideas, someone should start a youtube channel with this insane drops and advantages the AI gives itself, for example skull hits almost every turn. and the looping, good god the looping.

anyway, thanks for the rant. back to it.

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. But if a dev actually replies… They’re just gonna say…

“The AI or RNG is working as intended.”

Despite a drastic change in behavior between yesterday and today.


If you had a Dragon Soul spawn a Baby Dragon that grew into a Dragon Soul three times…that is some “get struck with lightning” caliber luck. I’ve never had a Baby Dragon from a Dragon Soul spawn another Dragon Soul, at least not yet.

Sorry you got the finger from RNGsus but at least since the Resurrection trait was removed there’s a lot less chance of getting another Dragon Soul…so hopefully it’s a long time before you see that happen again.


I know I sound like a bit of a broken record, but no changes have been made overnight to the AI or RNG.

We have rigorously tested the AI, and continue to do so often. it is working as intended. However, there will always be outliers when it comes to random chance.


Yawn… here we go again…

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My game is working fine. The trick is to destroy the devourer first. Then smash TDS. No matter how many rebirths. Actually if it rebirths. Smash it immediately. One word.

INFERNOUS… problem solved… actually…
Flame Troll

It can become another TDS, it happened to me a few times, but never on defense, always in my team :upside_down_face:

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Even better when Wulfgarok tries to devour an impervious troop 3 times in 1 match causing u to lose. That is my Favorite. There is onlty 1 impervious troop and always 2 others to choose from lol. This did not happen to me this week but has happened to me recently…

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Maybe someone should rename the thread ‘the bad luck thread’ or something like that.


I’ve also never seen a baby dragon become a TDS, but I did see one respawn as Elemaugrim.

Just so I’m clear, so you killed TDS which respawned as baby dragon, which then used it’s attack and respawned as TDS. You then killed this TDS, which then respawned as baby dragon, which then used it’s attack and respawned as TDS. You then killed this TDS, which then respawned as baby dragon, which then used it’s attack and respawned as TDS.

If I’ve got that correct then that would be some severe bad luck and highly unlikely to happen again. At least TDS can’t directly respawn as TDS anymore, I’ve had that repeat on me about 7 or 8 times in the past.

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Unfortunately the dev will never admit the fact that the ai DOES get better percentages on it’s spells than the player. What they don’t tell you is that when they are testing the ai they are useing a low level account not a endgame account.


Does the ai get better percentage than the player? This is an interesting study of statistics! Please share your data, merhod, and findings because I would love to duplicate your study and compare results!


Utter rubbish. This’d be harder to code, and also threaten retention. Just silliness. Also doesn’t match my long experience in the game. Yes, rng does weirdness. But I benefit too sometimes. People just hurt to lose and notice when the odd rng spike goes against them.


Lets see I cast Kerberos 100 times of those 100 times maybe 33 actually devour. Ai cast same spell 100 times and 55-60 actually devour. This is something I have kept very close track of.

Careful track of. Maybe. And the AI was in a range. And how many trials do you have for this to be at all statistically significant?

Bah, nonsense.

Please don’t talk about Kerb :laughing: I used that popular beast team all week before and got 4 devours in over 100 battles.

RNG hates me. Simple as that.

Personally I think the AI is handled fairly (but not in GWs).

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That is your statistical compilation and analysis? One troop 100 events and not even a spreadsheet to track your data?!? You are adorable! Full of crap, but adorable nonetheless.

That was just Useing simple numbers for your simple mind. No matter what data anyone gives you dev apologists will never except it so move along.

I am not a dev apologist, in fact I have many criticisms of the devs. I am however a statistics enthusiast and honestly thought you had real data. Its so funny you say I have a simple mind but you are the one making a statistical claim with no data to back it up. Not only is that a sign of a liar, your “simple mind” defense is typical of a schoolyard bully. If you actually had the mental capacity to compile and analize statistics I would love to discuss your findings but you don’t. You probably barely have the intelligence to tie your shoes and you are a bully on top of it all so I will not have any further discussion with the likes of you about anything. Cya