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The Dragon Soul resurrect trait triggers more often than it should

Ok guys, I have waited for quite some time to ask this, but lately it seems like whenever I fight a team with a Dragon Soul (which is quite often, DS, Krystenax, Mab and Khorvash seem to be in almost every team, excluding Goblin teams), Dragon Soul resurrects like crazy. I mean, I know it has 1/4 chances to do that, but so often? Few days ago (and I kid you not) I had to kill damn Dragon Soul FOUR times! WTF, 4 x 25%, really??? I really wish this was just a joke, but nope. I was watching in disbelief as it resurrected three times after “normal” kill. I started swearing at the damn game.
I get that this was extremely unlucky circumstance, so I started paying attention, and it seems to me that it does resurrect more often than it normally should. I haven’t had it resurrect that many times ever again, but it does resurrect quite often. I mean, I kinda started expecting that I will have to kill DS at least twice and it’s not fun. I just hope it will trigger like that when I make my own dragon team with DS included.

Am I crazy, or extremely unlucky or is anyone having similar experience?

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4 times, that’s it? I personally have had at least 5 and I know some people have had it at least 7 resurrections in a row. I think the biggest problem is that its trait is still just a repeat of Immortal King. Then again given troops like Sekhma, legendary traits aren’t so “legendary” anymore. RNG in this game is fickle in both the collecting, and combat nowadays. Honestly, you are better off adding your experience to the various AI luck focused threads as most of them discuss the very issues you raise up. While players can have strings of good luck, it often doesn’t matter as a good majority of the time, you build a team built on synergy that as long as you don’t get entirely screwed for mana, you can win. On an AI team, they could just be a bunch of relatively random troops and win regardless of synergy as the RNG will at times make your victory basically impossible.

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I play with TDS teams quite a lot and I’ve noticed recently that it seems to resurrect a lot more than it used to (my record is 5!)

I’ve also noticed that enemy Krakens appear to have virtually 100% guaranteed Devour, which certainly didn’t happen before.

I appreciate that these are (supposed to be) a matter of RNG/ Luck and I know about Confirmation Bias, but it seems to be happening too frequently to be just chance :frowning:


I agree TDS respawns alot and i use mine it rarely respawns if it does only once but the ai can get up to 7 in a row that is just wrong imho.


The one thing I never see actually work is Death Mark. I can count on one hand how many death marks have takeout a troop of mine.

TDS resurrect isn’t too bad because generally once he resurrects, he is all that is left, so I jus treat it as free xp/souls.

Yeah, it’s quite funny how TDS respawns constantly (the enemy TDS, that is) and Krakens seem to have a 90% devour chance, yet the supposed-to-be 75% chance of Dimetraxia to burn all enemies seems to be more like 25%.
Death mark is a weird one, like it either kills troops in the first round or not at all.


Incidentally, I am keeping track of all TDS resurrections by writing the stuff down on a piece of paper during the past couple of days.

So far, I faced TDS in 19 battles. It resurrected once 4 times and twice one time. I have not seen any higher frequencies of resurrection. So, total is 20 TDS and 6 resurrections which is quite close to intended 25%. It is slightly higher but I don’t have enough observations to make this conclusion. It does come in streaks. I had 2 matches without resurrection, then single match with double resurrection, then 6 matches without resurrection, two matches with single resurrection, six again without and 2 with single. I will continue to record the data for some more time but IMHO, there is nothing wrong with chances, they seem to be more or less OK.

What is wrong is that pRNG is extremely streaky. I can run some statistical test to see whether the event is skewed but it requires about 100 observations and it might take a while for me to get there.


The record I know of is 11 times in a row…

Working as intended! :wink:


Most I’ve had is 7. But that’s many sevens, not just one.
The most mine has resurrected is once. Admittedly the Ai’s dies more often than mine.

It being the only troop remaining is still an issue. Numerous times I’ve had my entire team beaten by a single Dragon Soul. The board and cascades will always be kinder to the Ai. By a single Dragon Soul I mean the same one that comes back 7 god damn times.

I’m sure, as with other things, the % chance is increased in Guild Wars.


A point a lot of people seem to miss.


I don’t mind TDS respawning, but it’s the multiple respawns that make me mad and want to stop playing out of frustration. I wish they would change him to only be able to respawn once but give him a 50% chance to make up for it.


Do you mind IK’s respawning?

I imagine if IK was ever used, it would also be annoying.
Though unlike TDS it takes a while to fill up as it has more mana and it doesn’t explode and refill itself constantly.

IK is used. What’s more, it’s summoned by Abynissia and then can respawn again.

I had quite a few instances where TDS was last troop to my three, possessed upon death. Then proceeded to fill mana on either the next turn or the following, casting Falling Stars and refilling itself plus an extra turn to cast again, often multiple times in a row and taking 4 matches along the way and skydrop skull matches for free damage… and then wipes my team from that 3 against 1 ratio. All the odds were in my favor for me to win, until RNG decided NOPE.
I also agree that odds of possession not only weigh more in favor of cpu than player, but odds are jilted even more in GW. If I ever had my own TDS res in a GW match, I can’t recall (which for me would stand out bc TDS is 3rd slot in all three teams I use him with; jumping to first slot would mess up muscle-memory from the assigned button). But I see TDS res nearly every time I face them in GW.


I guess I must be lucky because although I get TDS respawns, it’s never as much as you guys are saying, and like I said, once he’s the only one left, the damage from his ability is pretty pathetic.

I agree that his damage by himself is pretty tame. However when it loops with itself and casts over and over, along with the constant skulls that fall that pathetic damage all adds up unfortunately.


Damn… and I thought I had it bad with 4 TDS ressurections LOL . Thank you guys :slight_smile:

Every week someone post about this! What is the percent chance for that? :smiley:
If you stun Dragon Soul before killing him there is 0% chance to resurrect!

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A few weeks ago I lost a GW match against the rival paragon just like that, Abynissia invoked an IK and said IK proceeded to resurrect 3 times until he’d finished destroying my whole team on his own… It’s been the closest I’ve been to a 30-0 in the last couple of months (finished that week 29-1), won’t forget about it anytime soon :sweat_smile: