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AI is getting TOTALLY ridiculous!

AI is getting out of hand. If it were a live person it would be blatant cheating! And it has gotten worse in the last 2 days. I have lost more battles in the last 2 days than I have in a week or more, and at least half of those should have been “give me’s”. The nerfed TDS is supposed to resurrect with full mana, but it does regardless of how much mana it has. The AI team gets multiple 4/5 of a kind, mana surges & cascades each game to my 1 or 2. And when an AI troop has a 20% or 25% chance to devour, resurrect, etc., it does so repeatedly. Like Infernal King resurrecting 4 times in a row! What are the odds of that?! It should be equally fair for both teams. There is no way this is just random as it happens way too often. It is taking the fun out of a game I really enjoy! I see players posting about this a lot & something should be done about it before any more new things comes out. Then you raised the Event amount to 750 kills this week but made it harder to accomplish. Shame on you guys. This is unacceptable.

I’ll bet ya gnome vault key they will say “no changes to AI have occurred” since when ever the last one was …update 3.0 or whatever the update was way back when… and I have to agree. The AI is just as “normal” today and yesterday as it has been for months.

I’ve typed the same message in the past. Unfortunately it just seems like the ai is out of hand. There are times when the ai’s luck seems off the scale but it is genuinely random. Not what you want to hear I know. I sure didn’t appreciate it when I posted a similar thread. But it is the facts. Some days the rng goes for the ai. Others it’s for the player. Just have to roll with the flow of RNGeezus and keep playing. Good luck.

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They can stealth change gem density and have before. They probably accidentally and unknowingly tweak it too. I dont think they lie, I honestly believe they have no clue sonetimes when something gets changed.

Gem density controls 4x 5x matches when creating gems. Set it low, and you wonder how forest troll can have 25+ green gems and no matches.

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You’ve misunderstood what TDS new trait does: the 50% chance to resurrect as a baby isn’t dependent on its mana, it’s that if it resurrects the baby comes in with full mana.