AI is behaving stupid

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Expect AI to behave as usual, as in fire off a spell when available, unless there is a skull or 4+ match.

Instead, it’s just matching random gems even with 2 spells fully charged.
And No, they didn’t have any kind of status effect on them…

Anyone else observing this? This concerns me, because that means my GW teams will probably get dumber as well…

I’ve seen the devs recently mention they haven’t changed anything about the AI. So, not sure if we’re just noticing something that was there before, but I noticed it too. Things like a PvP match where the enemy has two Kerberos, both powered up and instead of using one of them, it chooses to instead match 3 blue gems when none of its troops use blue mana. Ummm, ok? Reminds me of the combo breaker, which I thought was not enabled for PvP.

Personally I’m OK with that. Players will sometimes do stupid things, it seems fair the AI would mess up now and then xD

That’s creepy :sweat_smile:
It almost sounds like GoW AI has gained sentient.
Is it trying to communicate to us? Maybe I should start jotting down the colors of the nonsensical matches to see if I can decipher any codes out of it. Dun DuN DUN!