Harold MEME Thread

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That sounds like console gameplay on steroids. I get occasional unwinnable games due to the type of thing you’re describing, and even more occasionally, a string of matches like that, but never for a sustained period.

And for the record, unless you buy into some of the tinfoil hat conspiracy theories, the AI and the mana-drops are completely separate issues, though both appear to be different on console than on PC/Mobile and occasionally appear to conspire (leading to the tinfoil hat conspiracies).

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I’m not experiencing anything out of the ordinary to be honest.

Now this I do a fine job of all by myself. :smile:


Im using my Assassin Class/Seer/Spider/BD team as usual and I see nothing out of normal, Ive noticed tho that the AI is a bit smarter a few weeks ago but nothing other than that.

I’ve seen the AI’s behavior changing over the last few weeks.

Today I’ve seen the changes in how the gems are distributed, which are causing all kinds of insanity. Paired with the AI changes it’s been absolutely awful for me. The horribleness multiplies.

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Yeah there were a couple other threads about this too, but Nimhain said the algorithm hasn’t been changed at all.

So until they say otherwise, chalk this one up to conspiracy theories.


I sincerely hope this is the worst run of luck ever.

In my entire history with this game, this is a run 3x longer than anything I had. I made sure to hold off to the point of absolute ludicrousness before i posted.


Just for a point of reference.

See my edit.

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The AI has always predictively stolen transformable mana or transformed out colors you need. I can’t comment on AI skydrop luck though, as I don’t really end up giving them many chances to. But the AI has always targeted mana based on the color of your banner and what troops you’re using. I’ve had some dry starting streaks as well, but it’s not too bad. You might just want to use a different team if you’re having trouble.


Oh i’m not calling you crazy Krudler, no more than I assume people think about me. :laughing:

I’ve noticed changes here and there too when it comes to matches, but until they say otherwise we just have to sit on our hands. Or else we’re talking conspiracy theory here. But you know i’m always down for those. :wink:

But in my experience I wouldn’t call what’s happening overall bad, just unexpected. I would just call it “tougher.”

But maybe it’s only happening to me now because i’m approaching a higher level than I have ever been. And am now just seeing the changes. There’s also a chance it may just be in our heads. :scream:

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There were no changes made yesterday to the client binaries, only the offline and online payloads. I believe I understand the purpose and layout of both of these quite well by this point, enough so to claim with reasonable certainty that any change that would affect something like game AI behavior or gem drop bias would require a client binary change.


Just tell us that you know everything, and we know nothing.

Gosh, frickin’ Lyya.


Well… she does though…

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I hope you’re right, now I’m logging, and it’s not looking good.

I have a lot of 20-minute runs recorded which I can reference.

edit: I got a client update a few days ago. Today is the fist time I’ve PvP’ed since that client update.

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Could you not do this please :anguished:

I’m raising what I think is a serious concern, after much experimenting, already realizing that it will bring much ridicule. I am not doing so lightly and I would not want this to become a joke thread. There are lots of others for those.

edit: Thanks for cleaning up folks, I appreciate it :slight_smile:


I removed Harold as well. :sob:

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So… the AI is cheating…


You got a payload (data-only) update; the client binary didn’t change. Note the timestamps on GemsOfWar.exe and GemsOfWar.swf.

Is there a way to see the most recent update that was automatically done via Steam?

edit: Wait, I can go Google that.

edit: GoW folder is showing as updated yesterday… looking further… edit-edit: Yeah, lots of .MP3 and .XML files updates, I can’t be bothered to sort through it all.

edit: I don’t thing me digging around is going to reveal anything to me. I’m not interested in reverse-engineering this game really.

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