Game AI Luck etc

Is it just me and MY bad luck? or does it seem the AI luck is better than average? I know they said they would tweak it down … have they?

Do wisps seem over powered with low gem requirements and their traits of starting w 75% mana and stealth so you can’t drain them?

I thought the idea of having an op troop category went out the door with 25% boost to stats. Why did they bring it back in a different way (extra turns and infinite looping) with goblins?

I don’t mean to be complaining but I guess I am. Several of my guild mates, including some of the best players among them, are getting really frustrated.


It’s not just you. My win rate in pvp is down 20% from two weeks ago. I will admit to making an occasional mistake in pvp, but a lot of my losses are utter steamrolls where I had no chance to try recovering. It’s not fun. It’s also not just your guild getting frustrated.


My utterly reliable counter teams may as well go in the bin as well as the other 6 or so I used to regularly have fun playing with. In nearly 3 years of playing this game I have never experienced such frustration and despair as I have in the last week or so. Frequently snatching defeat from the jaws of victory - staring wide eyed and shocked at my ipad wondering what in the heck just happened. It feels like a total waste of my time.


It’s what console folks have had in yonks. (bloody ages in Yorkshire speak). Welcome to the new gems of war. That’s what it’s like now.


Are you enjoying the new CPU too?

Looks like there’s a pretty clear consensus:

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