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Jump Board! It's not fair!

Least topic I say the “create gems” algorithm was changed. Seems It’s fixed, I try "create gems(troll troops) 13 gems on the board, It’s match 4 gems normally. But I found another problem at the “jump Board”. The AI jump to board , match or beside 4 gems probability more than player. I try it again and again. It’s not fair!

You know you are a forum veteran when you can’t understand a word of what the person is saying and yet you still understand what they are complaining about.


I feel you Lyya.

@Atena The AI does not have a higher chance of getting a 4+ match than the player when spawning gems or jumbling the board.

I want that Jump Board mini-game… I wanna wanna it…


yeah you just having those combo breaker moment, when however hard you try with rng based team, you are always on the losing side. easier to just retreat one or two match and everything back to normal.

This is clearly where you (the dev’s team) are making the mistake to where you look at.
Having an overal better or equal chance than AI to get 4+ match is irrelevant in the AI’s actual problem.
You chant that like it is the magical answer to all our frustration problems, but it really don’t help.

I heard several times that devs have put a combo-breaker in the algorithm.
This is where you should have look at.
Being forced to do such a thing is a clear symptom that the problem is in the overal probability to get 4+ matches.
That probability is so huge that we see magic cascades falling from the sky, not once a year, not once a month, not once a week, but several times in a small panel of battles (GW is a great example).
And having more or equal chances than AI doesn’t help with the unfairness of the system and how much it affects you when you were trully dominating the fight or when you see the defense team destroying you in turn 2 with not a single chance to do anything.

I understand why those probabilities have been manipulated.
I’ve played a match-3 game with no manipulation and god… that’s boring.
Seeing a 4+ match is like seeing a virgin in a brothel.
So, ok for some manipulations… but not that much !!!

Do you realize that in GW we are forced to skip a lot of troops because of this ?
Probabilities to see things going deeply bad are so huge that using Destroy, Explode, Remove, Create is like tossing a coin and wait to see if AI has decided to screw you.
Do you realize that you have added a thrilling game-mode which was an exciting experience, which passionate a lot of players and now you have transformed it in a frustrating and unfair daily punishment… which can only leads to lot of players quitting GW or the whole game.
Because being randomly punished several times a day is not fun, and if a game stops to be fun, it becomes pointless.

So, all of this to simply say :
Decrease the probabilities of having 4+ matches, please.
That is where the AI’s problem is.

You know with this new defense layer I am not sure this isn’t completely true anymore.

I’m finding higher number of colors that are clearly not the colors from the banners. I don’t have enough Data but I do know it’s fascinating watching AI doing things that now make more sense instead of always just doing skull match when they clearly could get something their team needs.