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How long would it take to farm 16 arcane traitstones?

After the last purple/yellow event I still needed 2 arcanes for Infernal King’s third trait. Queued up the @Tacet build to farm for them (only 2! That should be doable!) and got one stone on like my third try. Woooo, one more to go!

I’m a wimp, I guess, because I gave up after a week. That War & Peace/Soothsayer x 3 build is easy and effective but soooooooo boooooorrrrriiinnnngg.

I made peace with my non-resurrecting Infernal King, stopped farming the challenge & then got the stone I wanted from a treasure map a day later. shrug


Yeah, @dhjl clearly has it figured out. Grinding 1k PvP fights is way more worthwhile in terms of Traitstones, misc rewards, and sanity.

I actually enjoy farming challenges for traitstones. Seem to have good luck that way on warlord 1.
Plus great way to try out new teams before taking them straight to pvp

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Hmmm, looks like I’m already insane then. I grinded Sword’s Edge’s challenges for three weeks to get all the traitstone for Celestasia.

Meh, after playing Warframe, nothing in terms of grinding shocks me anymore.

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It used to be easier to farm khetar. I got about 30 spirits, although annoyed the guild leader with my lack of trophies. But it was before dust devils, so I must be insane.

There has never been anything special about Khetar, or any “easier” farming.

If you legit pulled 30(!) arcane stones by re-playing challenges over and over…

I really don’t know what to say.

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Farming resources is tedious in any game if the task is repetitive and pointless, as in having low yield/ poor return for effort invested. That being said, I still don’t get why the bar was set so high for traiting the new Hero Classes on PC/Mobile.

We need not just 8 or 10 or 12 but SIXTEEN solid colour Arcanes to unlock the third legendary trait. After 3 months I managed to get my first Arcane Summer stone today while attacking/ defending in Whitehelm, and since I do ALL my defenses in Whitehelm anyway, that’s saying a LOT regarding just how rare the arcane drop rate is.

I sure hope there’s going to be a bunch of event weeks at some point which will offer Hero Class arcane colours. By my calculation, and assuming a normal gameplay of ~2 hours a day, I’ll need just under 3.5 years to get all the Summers necessary to fully kit that Priest hero.

“I really don’t know what to say” pretty well sums up the situation…

Please don’t hate me but 16 is the number for duel colored hero classes, the classes with 1 color (like priest using summer) actually requires 18.

Let the venting begin

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The exact type and amount of each traitstone needed to trait any given class can be found here:


Promote away. That site is very helpful.

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At the spring imp (as it’s mono green), the mono green arcane traitstone was in the pack. That explains why you see so many fully-traited archers. And as a side-effect it gave me a mythic Spring Imp.
Following imp events might help out

Also note that Mechanist and either Sorcerer or Necromancer (the latter?) are duo-colored classes.

Necro is dual color (blue/purple).

About the imp events, I was hopeful I would finally be able to trait my Priest during the next month.

Then I realized it’s going to be WINTER in Australia, not summer as it is here! :persevere:

True, but we’ve just had the Spring Imp recently, and it was Autumn in Australia. So it looks like they’re probably following Northern Seasons?

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You’re right, they did do spring. Here’s to hoping next will be summer!

Spring Imp was the “last” of the seasonal imps to be added to the game. Summer Imp should be returning to chests soon.


Should we not expect there to be any repeat troops or weapons in any of the weekly events? I got a late start to the game, and missed out on quite a bit of the troops and weapons that became available through weekly events. I’m hoping that I will be able to get them at some point in the future. Especially the weapons as they cannot be obtained through chests. Are there any plans besides in-game purchases for previously released weapons?


We just need some way to gather those single-color trait stones with glory.

The weekly events are almost exclusively multi-color stones AND the player classes require more stones than anything else, so it’s a double whammy.

Will we get notification of this when it hapenens

Event weapons will return to the game in some form, we haven’t decided what that form will be yet. We’re still discussing it.

We do have some mono color troops coming to events soon.

We always try to announce when the Imps change around in the chest. (Winter Imp being the exception as he kept getting back into chests after we announced he had left :sweat_smile:)


all troops in the first khetar challenge were vulnerable to 1 hit kills with true damage, so was maybe twice as fast. I wanted enough stones to max abhorath, but then saw it was good for levelling and decided to keep it up till 1.9 which fixed it. I heavily regret it though because then there was an arcane spirit reward week and then dustdevils came which was twice as fast again… I didnt abuse dustdevils, I was guilty for being lazy with trophies.