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How long would it take to farm 16 arcane traitstones?

So, I recently got the new legendary card Queen Mab. And I’ve developed quite the crush on her. We go out and have a great time together. She makes me laugh, and we can talk for hours. I’d like to take our relationship to the next level and unlock all her traits. But, she has expensive taste. I need 16 mother f******g traitstones!?! Man, I’m gonna have to put in some long hours on the farm to pay that off. About how many hours or matches do you guys think it would take? I would really like to get those traits unlocked. Am I gonna have to farm khetar challenges for the next year to get that many? Seems like a ton of arcanes are needed. Especially considering I don’t have double digits of any arcane stone (outside of ones I got from a purchase) after level 330+.

I have no idea how long it will take because it’s simply not worth it. I’ve farmed Khetar hundreds of times and gotten one in probably 400 battles.

I get a good amount of trait stones from maps and other rewards but getting more than 3 or 4 of a specific trait stone takes more time than I care to spend…

Your best bet honestly is to save up glory for the week that traitstone shows up in the glory shop.

Farming traitstones isn’t really possible, minors and majors maybe but not arcanes.

That’s kinda what I was afraid of. Thanks for the insight.

Ok. Thanks. That’s probably what I’ll do then. I’ve been saving glory for just that. I’ve got 15,000 right now.

For what it’s worth, if you do Glacial Peaks challenges (or farm them), they will drop the traitstones you need as well.

I’ve found that doing all of the challenges, all difficulties (a total of 35 battles per kingdom) will almost always net 1 arcane for that kingdom. However, after you’ve completed them the first time, farming them further doesn’t do much. Like I said, I did about 400 battles in Khetar and gotten 1.

On the other hand, I got 3 farming Maugrim Woods over the course of 3 days and about 150 battles. I didn’t need them at the time, of course. Once I needed a couple more, they stopped dropping.

I was averaging 2 a day playing roughly 120 games on warlord 4. Not statistically significant and definitely not worth it.

People use the word “farm” for replaying challenges over and over, but honestly that’s a tough grind.

Statistically, it’s 200+ battles to get an arcane traitstone. And you can always get lucky, and pull them a bit faster than that. But I wouldn’t even try to “farm” more than 1 or 2. For the sake of your sanity.


Wow, that’s more than double the rate I’ve been getting them, also on W4. If I could 2 a day, it might actually be worth doing.

efficient farming

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The data I collected put arcanes at a 2% drop rate (29 in 1504 fights). That would mean 800 fights for 16 stones. Assuming you can complete a fight in 2 minutes, you’re looking at around 27 hours of farming.


Faster? Certainly.

Efficient? Not really.

Forget it. Arcane stones are designed as money magnet (aka P2W).

Collect glory by natural play and buy the 300/400/500 glory event bundle if it has the type you’re interested in. The farming mentioned above is for mindless robots.

I needed 3 Death stones to get the last trait on Sorcerer class yesterday. I started farming in Karakoth for the stone and it did take a while (2-3 hours) of repeatedly doing one challenge over and over but I got all three stones. I have done this process quite a few times. Sometimes it goes fast and other times it takes forever.

I will admit I had the same problem as @htismaqe but with Khaziel. I must have done at least 400 challenges for Deep stones and never got one. I finally got the stones I needed from pvp.

It’s long. It’s mind numbing at times. It can be boring. But the stones can be collected this way. Good luck. :wink:

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Cool. Nice to know that it is possible. I hope I can get at least a few farming then will probably have to wait until the stones are available to purchase with glory.

That is the other option when you need them fast.

The team that @Tacet suggests in his video that’s posted above works very well with most kingdoms when you’re using Archer or Priest class. I switched to Sorcerer class for the magic bonus trait so I had to change the hero weapon to Black Manacles to still get the magic bonus for the weapon. The team still works quite well.

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I’ll never try to farm more than 2-3, primarily because once I have gone on for so long without a drop, I really don’t want to switch PvP or something and then get a random arcane drop from another kingdom that I dont really need a few battles in. If you aren’t too concerned with getting them right now, setting your home kingdom to the kingdom you need and taking every revenge battle you can in PvP will sometimes net you one here and there, because who knows when the next traitstone pack of a specific color is going to be. PvP will build up your glory for when the pack you really want does come around. Otherwise, you have to bite the bullet and grind.

I find it helps to have a handful of teams that can clear the challenge win quickly so you can switch out every now and again if you find yourself getting bored, or switching to a different challenge in the same kingdom - some have less total hits, some will prioritize different colors. It also helps if at least one of your teams has valk, then you can rationalize the whole thing as “farming souls” and “maybe I’ll get the stone”. It wont actually make the grind faster, but it may ease it a bit when you are able to get some kingdom stars out of it, even if you dont get your target stone. I use valk***/valk***/rowanne/mercy*** with a double yellow banner for souls. Most importantly, take regular breaks.

Good luck.

Thanks for the tips. I actually just started to really use Valkyrie a lot. I put her with my queen mab team. I think it caps how many souls you earn based on difficulty. Also, sometimes I get less than the cap. I wonder how many casts you need to get the maximum amount of souls per match? Anyway, can’t believe I haven’t been using Valkyrie from the get go. I’m getting way more souls now. It’s pretty great really.

If you have a single untraited unascended valk and no kingdom magic, you need 9 casts and four kills to hit the cap.

With two Necromancy traited Valks at level 18 or above (ascended to epic+) and +4 kingdom magic (all 4 level 10s magic kingdoms, no 5 stars needed), you need two casts to cap souls if both Valks survive, as necromancy triggers at the end of battle. If you have 1x necromacy by the end, you need three casts, and if you have none (untraited, or valk dies), you need four casts and four kills to hit the soul cap. You just need 9 base magic on your Valk to hit this metric for maximum efficiency. More magic at this point will basically just get your more souls if you don’t cast enough times to cap.

Edit: I should mention the cap is always 40 for souls earned in a battle. Souls gained by valk are equal to her magic. When the battle ends, the necromancy modifier is applied if applicable, THEN the 40 cap is applied. Afterward, your global “souls” modifier from the map screen is then applied (armor, difficulty, and VIP, but difficulty does not apply for PvP) to get your actual souls reward. Necromacy and Valk magic help you reach the cap faster, but only armor, difficulty, and VIP will change the max amount you can gain.