Farming Traitstones (chance of getting nothing?)


So I’ve been doing some farming in Forest of Thorns in order to get an Arcane Stealth Stone to get Goblins final trait. My wife was telling me that the chance of getting an arcane is fairly low so I understand it might take a while. However, as I have been farming I have noticed a not insignificant amount of times I get no stone at all. This, to me seems total crap as the dev team has to know that after you get done with the challenges in an area the only reason you would farm is for stones, and for there to be a chance to get nothing seems really lame. Just wondering if this is normal.


bump the difficulty up to hard, it will give an insignificant difficulty change, and greatly increase the drop rate.


When you got a solid team, warlord 1 is just as easy. warlord 2 it gets somewhat hard for me but i can still manage, warlord 3 i tend to get oneshot because my kingdoms arent leveld to the bonusses yet (ps4)(only have 2 kingdoms maxed so far and a third almost, its lvl9 now)

So far i tend to get 8/10 traitstones on warlord 1.


Hmm. I always thought I was just flipping through the battle rewards too quickly and wasn’t noticing which traitstone I was picking up. Good to know you don’t always get them and increased difficulty increases drop rates.


And you also only need the 1 Arcane to fully trait the Goblin so it shouldn’t take too long.


Or join the fantasy series and grab the arcane stone that way. You can choose what stone you want when it is over.


Do we have access to the wild plains yet? Trying to get the arcane beast stone. Doesn’t look like its there on console yet seems lame to need something and it’s not in the game


You can get the red green traitstones from Sylvasi this week as a rewards pack, purchased with Glory. The kingdom will be available later in June.


I just posted this a few hours ago so here it is…

Buy them Right now! The are super cheap. 300 glory in the reward store will give you 2 (and a bunch of other stuff too!). You have one week to buy as many as you need.


thats expensive tho, farming can yield them faster sometimes. :slight_smile: although i still need 5 out of 8 lava traitstones for my emperina :’(