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Arcane storm traitstones

I need two of these and I can’t seem to get them. I’ve done every challenge at Adana and I’ve been doing them over again. No one seems to have Adana as home so pvp fights are super rare unless I want to cycle through for 30 minutes.

Any suggestions? I just want to max out my poor valk!

They should drop from Adana challenges. Probability is about 1 Arcane Storm traitstone out of 50 matches. So you need to be patient or lucky. Good luck!

And the difficulty doesn’t matter on the drop probability. So play any challenge on normal difficulty.

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Thanks, I’ll keep plugging away then!

Also, home Kingdom has no effect on Traitstone drops on Console. Traitstones in PvP are completely random.

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Poor console people. How do you guys even survive without explorer.

Well, explore is going to hit soon for you guys. You could always try to wait it out.

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I enjoy playing it on console though. Since I’m not even sure what Explorer is I can’t really miss it :sunglasses:

We are used to getting the $#!+ end of the stick, everyone who was bothered by it already quit and/or started a PC account.

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Well I got one arcane the second fight in. 5 hours later and a couple celestial but still not another arcane. Tiresome.

PC dude here, and you can see my soul/traitstone farming vids, they’re around here somewhere, not gonna spam it.

Trust me when I say we really don’t have it all that much easier, for real. I farmed Divinion Fields like a deranged badger for 12 hours and got 2 Arcane Plains. I’ve been at Darkstone for the last 6 hours of my play time and haven’t even found my first :confounded: :persevere:

That sucks man. Just got another celestial. This arcane just eludes me.

Sorry to hear that man… I feel your pain.

I too am so sick of BLEEP-ing Celestials!!!11111one

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