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How does Honor's last trait work?

I was going to full trait Honor, but before I do I wanted to be clear on what it does.

Does it add +10 to all stats for the full team? Or just on Honor?

The wording is too vague and I don’t want to waste 30 arcanes for something that I don’t want.

Thanks in advance.

Just to Honor.


Thanks. Not gonna waste my time/resources, then.

Imagine if it were to everyone. Bombot + Honor x 3, please.


I traited honor just cause… I guess I’m banking on the trait being reworked at some point…
I’m just 9 rage arcanes away from traiting courage for my skull spam team of

Yellow/Yellow Banner
Infernal King (3)
Sheggra (1)
Mercy (3)
Courage (3)

Just waiting for the next red common to be released

Smart move on bagging out. Despite my doubts, given that he is a RNG-dependent creator, I fully traited Honor and it was a HUGE mistake. I didn’t realize (my fault) that Honor didn’t give himself armor, only rest of team. Played around with some builds, including Rowanne but couldn’t find a good synergy. Tons of backfires, and if you face a Khorvash (likely) it’s lights out as you feed him constantly. Only troop I’ve ever traited that I regretted, and unfortunately, it was a big investment. :frowning:

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Oh, Courage is crazy.

Lion Prince
Bone Dragon
…Your Choice… I like Settite Warrior

Once the Lion Prince has courage he doesn’t care at all about your defensive traits.

Have you tried Honor as tank in a healer/arcane deck?

He’s not great on defense, on offense, were you can manipulate the AI to damage, but not kill him. he gives out a lot of magic. Just Honor, Mercy, Ice Witch, and Priest Hero I was getting Ice Witch to 50+ magic.

And Loyalty, yeah, she’s going to make for some defensive teams that won’t win, but will annoy to the point people avoid you, or are force to play something like Manticore for the stun.

I’ve got my Emperina, Giant Spider, Green Seer, Loyalty defensive team, that if you ignore it, you’ll win, but wish it hadn’t taken you 20 minutes.

I think Honor’s 3rd trait should applied to all: all other Guardians have a support (ie help allies) 3rd trait so why not him?
Of course, 10 points are too strong and should be reduced to 5 or 3. And maybe not to all stats but only Life+Armor.

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Don’t commend me just yet. I already fully traited Courage and regretted it. I thought it would work spectacularly in a Maw, IK, Courage, Mercy team.

It does work spectacularly, however it’s for the enemy team. The cast constantly misses and makes the perfect board for the enemy. Then I get to watch the opposition mop the floor with me and there’s nothing I can do about it (you can’t even retreat until their turn is complete).

Hopefully, I’ll find a team that it works on eventually, but I’ve been playing around with different set-ups and haven’t settled on anything with consistent efficiency…

Live and learn… :head_bandage:

For Courage and Jarl, I highly recommend adding Mab to the mix. If you can freeze one enemy (preferably red) it substantially reduces the AI’s ability to retaliate on a misfire.


Problem is mab is random freeze so she may not freeze the right troop to make a difference. It’s still a gamble though I admit it could help

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Borealis freeze the whole team if you need. But yeah, not sure you want to sacrify one slot for her…

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Well if you use the Jarl, Hellcat, Mercy, Courage team… The mercy is used to get you going a but faster. It’s also a heal and cleanse. The other three all work well together without mercy and so she can be sacrificed for a freeze. I definitely switch out when I go against famines and it makes my life easier. I use Queen Mab or Emperor depending on the enemies… And if there’s nothing extremely threatening then I use mercy. Their traits work really well with loopers and since the other 3 don’t need a 4th to make them work, you can sacrifice for matches that would be really hard otherwise.

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I see I’m not the only one wondering if a trait is for the team or just that card.
Is there a symbol or something to tell from? It can be very confusing.

Yeah, the wording is sort of poor on some of them, if I’m honest.

Thats what I experienced also, and I did a lot of fights before I gave up. The cast ended up on the enemy’s favour in 100% of cases.
Actually I dont find any of the guardians useful for me and the amount of resources it needs is crazy big.

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That team is surely begging for a traited Jarl in place of Sheggra.

Does Courages 3rd trait work when any troop matches skulls? If not it is worthless

It does, yes.

Jarl works great with Courage, except when he doesn’t (and then everything fails spectacularly). That’s why I use Mab for the safety net that Frozen provides.

Jarl, Mab, Courage and who? If only Valk created skulls too :champagne: