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SPOILER ALERT - Pride Guard?

If you haven’t played the Leonis Empire quest line you’ve been warned!

I was blazing through the Quest and planned to come back to Pride Guard after b/c I assumed he was already in the Kingdom. And it doesn’t look like he’s in Lyya’s database yet. Did anyone happen to catch screens of him?

I’m a big fan of Armor-based damage teams and wanted to reckon with his viability alongside Rowanne, Settite Warrior, Templar, etc.

The Pride Guard ability seems cool since is boots based on team’s armor, but his traits are abysmal. One of his traits is immunity to stun, yet the only thing that stun would disable on him is a 25% skull reduction.

I believe the snake thing was 16 mana with brown link, fast, and something else for traits. It stunned, charmed, and poisoned.

I didn’t look at Pride Guard’s colors or traits, which is what I was really curious about. Do you recall the colors and third trait? Armored isn’t bad…

Red/Green, +2 HP to rak (1st), stun immunity (2nd), armored (3rd)

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I think he’s supposed to be in the reward chests next week. Could be wrong, though.

I believe the word was next weeks event. I’m going to have so many extra Beast arcanes.

Is Pride Guard an ultra rare troop?

I was excited until I saw his traits lol

Epic Leonis Empire Raksha-Knight
Break the Line (12 Green/Red)
Deal [Magic + 2] damage to an enemy, boosted by all ally Armor. [3:1]
(Raksha Bond, Thick Head, Armored)
In the jungle, the mighty jungle…

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