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Hero Class Magic+5 question

Does it apply to 2-color weapons as well?

On PC/mobile, yes. Even applies to the 6-color weapons.


Excellent to hear!

Needed something to be a placeholder for Knight until Serve and Protect, Vile Flask looks nice, completely destroys Armor and deals damage. Great bit of support to a Knight team

Talia, you will soon be introduced into the glorious world of Crescendo and Black Manacles. Black Manacles on a traited Sorcerer is just devastating.


Glad to know I’m doing it right. Thanks.

(Well, the traited part will take a while but I’ll get it eventually.)

I wasn’t too much of a fan of the class weapons, to be honest. The Warlord and Mechanist weapons are the only ones I could see myself using.

Yeah, the third trait is excellent, builds magic up to scary levels.

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I know full well which Classes are the popular ones, I have Sorcerer and Archer at 20 as well, but I have always liked dragons and knights, especially in this game.

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Knight Coronet***
Griffon Knight***
Wolf Knight***
Hero - Serve and Protect***

Would be a pretty deadly team. There may be better out there, but this team can win 95%+. It was already winning 95%+ with Lance Knight at the bottom, the Hero is a massive boost

I’ve loved the Knights in the game too, hopefully the trait where you count as a Knight is working correctly on console. Like that team, even if I’m not Wolf Knights biggest fan :slight_smile:

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As a knight fangirl myself, I like the idea of this team. I’m curious if Coronet loses his Leader trait stat bonuses once you cast the Serve and Protect spell and move to first slot.

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Traits are checked only at the start of the battle. So yes, this combo totally works.


Thanks. That’s good to know. :smile_cat: