Got my Warlord Class! Loving this update


The Hero Classes are fun. I should have Serve and Protect (250 victories as Knight) by the end of the day, can’t wait.


Wow! Nice, way to go and grats on that. Yeah Im glad they came to console :slight_smile:

Now to collect an extra 18 Arcanes of every single color, sigh.

4,100 Souls to level a Hero from 1-20 isn’t too bad, it’s the Arcanes and the 250 victories that will take time

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As PC/Mobile players, I would like to direct attention to the Karakoth: Sorcerer class and the Whitehelm: Priest class.
These 2 definitely have the best 3rd unique Traits out of them all by general consensus.

I will have to take a look at that in console :slight_smile:

I’d say Sorcerer and Archer have the best third traits imho.


Knight has the best weapon.
Sorcerer has the best trait.

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Thanks for the information!

Agree, I like the classes and also got the Warlord first.

The video under the forum " Hero Class Explained" is super helpful.

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Yeah its great. Grats on getting the class!

I did the Warlod class. The third perk is something to do with Giant bonus or something like that. What does it do?

The 3rd Perk allows the Hero to count as a Troop type.

Warlord is Giant
Priest is Divine
Archer is Elf
Knight is Knight
Sorcerer is Daemon
Warden is Beast
Necromancer is Undead
Mechanist is Construct

Heroes will be crazy once a marauder class is introduced.

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