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Which Class now?

I have leveled all Classes to 20 and chose Knight first. Now I must choose another, and I have pros and cons for every Class. I have decided to let YOU, the Forum, decide my next Hero Class. I will complete whatever one is chosen.

Leaving out Necromancer and Mechanist (need the Arcanes for Troops);

  • Archer

  • Priest

  • Sorcerer

  • Warden

  • Warlord

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EDIT: By completing the Class, I mean receiving the Class Weapon for 250 victories.

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Looks like priest and sorcerer have jumped out to an early lead.
My fave is archer and got my vote.

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For what it’s worth, my wife likes the sound of Archer as well. She’s big into speed and Mana denial.

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I voted for sorcerer, but archer is also a good choice.

I really like the class weapon for the Hunter (Maugrim Woods class). It’s one of the few 250 victory weapons I’ve actually used a bunch in PvP teams.

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I’ve been running;

Knight Coronet***
Knight Hero* - Serve and Protect
Griffon Knight***
Wolf Knight***
Broken Banner

I picked Warden, because you might as well get the worst ones over with first. :stuck_out_tongue:

Warden’s Mana Bonus is Brown, only reason I need to equip it

Seriously? You’re kidding, right?
Until the Mechanist class showed up on PC with its lower mana cost, the Warden’s weapon looked right mighty fine to me. Weapons aren’t all about damage. I’d rate ability to provide a mana generation source and to do board manipulation as more valuable than straight out damage power.

I was thinking of using the Warden as a Beast with Pridelands troops, but of course Maugrim Woods itself has a good selection. I’m having misery with slotting a class Hero into an effective PvP team though. What would you suggest for a brown-mana based Hero like Warden?

Archer is my pick, but i dont use his weapon. I like to use Phoenix crossbow: low mana cost and good true damage matched(?) by bonuses.

For an all Maugrim Woods Warden team I’d go with;

Warden Hero - Dust and Sand
Goblin Banner

Hero and Druid are great damage dealers, with the Hero controlling who gets Skulled. Scarlett snipes and Kerberos snipes with the hope he Devours.

All six colours used with no Troop completely Manablocked and the overlapped colours are your Banner’s bonuses.

Sorcerer and Archer have been chosen as the next Classes. Time to finish the rest!

  • Priest

  • Warden

  • Warlord

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You misunderstand, I’m talking worst class, not worst class weapon. (I quite like the weapon, actually.)

Traiting Warden is one of the few rare cases where the Imp (which are hardly even released on consoles) would be the better option. (And Autumnal Imp is very underwhelming…)

Very hardly though at last count we have

Summer Imp being leaked briefly.

Summer and Winter Imp showing up in class challenges (Warlord and Sorcerer).

I have found uses for each Class, but not every Class Weapon.

Great addition to the game, makes the Hero a viable option

I have decided on this order;


All are level 20, Knight is complete and Archer is over 200 wins, so it’ll be complete tomorrow.

Awesome! I got a small lead on you i just finished knight

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You have done Knight and… Priest?

Yes now im doing sorcerer