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Question about class hero

Hi everyone i was trying to figure wich class i will choose and i saw when you hit level 10 you getting +1 magic if you use a specific color weapon.

My question is do we need to be in this specific class to get the +1 magic? Or i can be in another classe and use this color weapon and get the bonus?

You have to have the class equipped to get the bonus. For example, Archer class gives +5 magic with green weapons. If you have a different class equipped, you won’t get that extra magic on green weapons.

Alright thank was not sure if it was working like the kingdom bonus

Well wonder if i will take knight or priest the barrier for all team or +2 health on every turn its a hard choice

That’s a hard decision. I think it would depend on what teams you plan on putting your hero in. I went with working on Archer and Sorcerer myself.

Finaly choose priest i think i did a good team for now i got

Jarl (full trait)
Hero orpheus discord (no trait yet)
Celestia (full trait)

Red yellow flag

Its working very well for me x4 gems burn 2 opponent and give celestia barrier and celestia refill jarl and jarl refill hero and jarl .

cant wait to see with the last heroe class weapon


What about the hero advantage? Can we get more then one? if not can we switch it whenever we want for free?

Edit: just got 25 wins and we can only get one but can switch anytime for free

Anyone know if defense win count for the hero wins?

They do not.

No, but any battles with or without the Hero in the lineup will count as a win for you.
So if you’re not satisfied with any of the Hero classes, feel free to go back to regular all-Monsters lineup.

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Thank you also i was wondering why the refound option is gone already?