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I need some advice about the Hero class/es

Greetings, GoW players,

I already managed to max out 10 of the Hero Classes.
I don’t know what Hero class is best to pick up next.

I would also appreciate some explanation of why is this a good thing, etc.
Also, I have yet to finish up every Delve to Level 500 or 2500 Renown.
I plan to do that sometime in the future, but as it currently stands, it’s very inconvenient for me.

All 10 of the Hero classes that are maxed so far:

  • Assassin
  • Dragonguard
  • Frostmage
  • Orbweaver
  • Priest
  • Sentinel
  • Sunspear
  • Thief
  • Titan
  • Warlord

Thank you all.

I highly recommend Archer to at least … 20? It doesn’t get much at 40, a bit at 70 and nothing at 100, but the combo of Fast + Hunt(er’s Mark) + Root Trap is strong enough I have this at 100 through sheer use.

Other worthy classes are Archmagus to 70+, Mechanist to 70+, Monk to 100.

Plaguelord and Tidecaller are both useful but generally overshadowed by Titan and Frostmage, respectively.


I’d level up the Knight class once you have enough fully traited and fully leveled troops in that kingdom. I know the Knight class isn’t the most useful, but it’s a necessity if you wish to increase kingdom power in Sword’s Edge. I have my Sword’s Edge at 18 stars, and the last task I needed to do was increase the champion level of the Knight class to 70. It wasn’t a lot of fun, but I did it. It had to be done. Keep in mind this only really becomes a problem in late-game.

For me bard without question but it really depends on your playstyle. Max bard is superb.
And runepriest is a baby that should never be underestimated. But bard all the way

It’s a bit of a slog and definitely not a priority, but a class like Warden with Guardian Tree at Level 70 can be very useful for the Banishment Talent that Dispels all enemies on 4/5 Gem matches.

Slayer. With enrage and triple skull damage on burning enemies - with infernus, leprechaun and scylla it can instakill whole team.

Monk! It may have surpassed Titan as the best class in the game. The ability to add mana to your hero by 4-matching other colors is huge. It also uses 3 of the top 5 trees. Every level has value.


Runepriest and sentinel are great for delves.

To take to 100 though: Monk is about the only one left that’s unmentioned in your list. Purification + Rock Solid + Fortitude at 100 (Plaguelord, Heirophant have minor considerations but aren’t overly necessary)

Many of the classes do great work at 70, so you may want to take a look if any of your classes aren’t at 70.

My advice would be to look at all your kingdoms power levels and if any are progression blocked by the class level, work on those. At least to a level where the kingdom is no longer blocked.

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In the end you will need to boost them all. Rock solid classes and light finger heroes are relatively straightforward. Monk is excellent because his non fast start is irrelevant when the trait fills mana. Definitely one to prioritise (mine is currently 82 cos it’s my primary boost). Bard with yellow teams remains unsurpassed in the same way that red and sunspear gel effectively

I noticed that there are a lot of Kingdoms that require to have at least levels 30, 40 and 70.
I’ll try to sort that out first because I need less than 5 or 10 levels to get a new star.

Keep the feedback coming! I am reading through all of your feedback.

If that’s part of your criteria, you may want to go here and use this thing:


Thank you very much!

I suppose it’s necessary that I must create an account on gowdb first and link my profile?